Changcuters ( SSL Login Yahoo Exploit Booter )

yahoo exploit boot

7 Yahoo messenger Option

It supposed to hit and exploit Yahoo Messenger 8 and 9 User
working many times to same victim with some trick, with auto yahoo boot victim.

If your bots does not login, try to change your bots and password.

Hit Chat Client Very fast with only 1 bot

Login problem ? just make sure you copy and paste
VoodoEncrypt15.dll at your /system and /system32 folder

Download Yahoo Exploit Booter

Download Y!Supra 1.35

Download the latest update of Y!Supra, yahoo third party chat client blocks the yahoo exploit packets and from various yahoo messenger exploits.


Y!Supra Updated:

- Added: Automatic wave volume boost
- Added: Cannot ghost on a mud server notification
- Added: Double-click on user on-air display to disallow voice
- Added: New Peak Meters
- Added: "You are not authorized to join this conference." error for voice
- Improved: Emote input box now shows you how to display someones ID in your message
- Improved: Updater
- Improved: URL parser
- Improved: YMSG port is now 5050
- Fixed: Chat user list disappearance bug
- Fixed: File menu not showing on the Offline Messages form
- Fixed: Password Changer
- Fixed: Peak Meter calculations
- Fixed: Safelist not being applied to the user left the room process
- Fixed: Update checker
- Fixed: Username selector on Instant Messages

Download Latest Y!Supra!Supra.rar

Yahoo Messenger Unlimited BUZZ Exploit Code Trick

Here is something really interesting to know the trick of yahoo messenger, a hidden yahoo messenger exploit came to my mind while chatting with my friends. It realy annoys the person with whom you are chatting.

Has anyone of your noticed how many times can you BUZZ/DING someone continously in yahoo messener? The answer is once in 5-7 seconds. you can’t press the BUZZ button more than once in 5-7 seconds. (Try it now)

yahoo exploit buzz

This is for preventing yahoo users to flood others with BUZZs which would disturb them if they are busy. But there’s an yahoo exploit for this feature it allows a user to BUZZ another user without any limitation.

The exploit is Very useful if someone dosen’t respond to your chats. I found this exploit when I was chatting with one of my friend, and I had entered a message which I later realized, was a code in Yahoo Messenger.

The Message was: < DING > without any space in "<" ">"

Like other codes which poped up smileys, this code () was the code for giving yahoo BUZZs. And this code can be used to overcome the BUZZ limitation.

You cant send more than one BUZZ in 5-7 seconds using the BUZZ button, but can use this code to give unlimited BUZZs.

Using this yahoo exploit, you can tease up the brain of the one who dosen’t reply back to you. Just Copy the code, paste it and enter, then carry on the paste and enter again-and-agian till the user responds to your messages…!


Yahoo Chat Room Destroyer - Update 7.8

yahoo exploit chatroomThis new version of yahoo room destroyer is disconnecting any third party yahoo client like disconnecting yazak, yhook etc very fast and strong

Version 7.2.0

  • + yahoo exploit Boot options:
  • + Add Single, Dual, Triple options (Improve messenger boot packet)
  • + Update yahoo Chat Room Invite Packet (Yahoo Messenger Boot server 130 option)
  • + Add 2 Yahoo Messenger boot options using http bot (One http bot boot option) for lagging the yahoo messenger chat room, DC yahoo messenger victim using yahoo chat room invite packet. Both options load 1000 sockets to send yahoo exploit boot packet.
  • + Add room invite yahoo exploit packet using charge/release technique
  • + Fixed yahoo captcha bug (bug: when too many captcha windows loaded, RD terminates unexpectedly)
Room Destroy Version 7.3.0

  • + Add Http boot options with all are charge/release technique
  • + Http room DC, one http bot can D/C whole room
  • + Http room fake join to annoy the room
  • + Http room text lag
  • + Http send room invite to D/C victim

All options work good depends on the status of Http server
Researching something... really amazing boot options will be out !

Room Destroyer Version 7.8
- Add YMSG12 login, so you can avoid some types of booter (Do not get affected by Http/ymsg room DC)
(Thank BlackLee for this trick)
- Remove unused resource to save memory

Download the Yahoo Chat Room Destroyer

Download Latest Yahoo! Messenger

Update in Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo! Messenger - Instant messaging allows you to quickly exchange messages with your online friends. Unlike e-mail, instant messages appear as soon they`re sent. By downloading the Yahoo! Messenger application to your computer, you can send instant messages to other people from around the globe, send them files or have a voice conference.

Download Latest Yahoo Messenger

Remove Your Yahoo Id From Victim's addlist

If some one is annoying you on yahoo messenger and keep on irritating you by sending spam related messages, its now time to remove that lamer out from your and as well as his/her addlist. There are many yahoo exploits software's out which can remove your yahoo id from victim addlist. You can google it and find by the name of buddy deny or remove yahoo buddy.

I will post soon some good list of yahoo buddy remove tools only if i got request from you guys.

Mean while while surfing on internet i found a good website which provides the similar feature of removing of your yahoo id from victim yahoo messenger add list. So it saves your time and also no need of downloading the yahoo buddy removed exploits to your PC.

Below is the link of website, just click it and enjoy.


Y!Supra 1.34 - Download Updated Version

Y!Supra Yahoo Chat Cleint
Nice Update by Dubee Coder of Y!Supra Chat client. Below are the details what is updated in latest version of Y!Supra.


  • - Added: Auto-rejoin room when disconnected
  • - Added: Build number advertisement
  • - Added: Tool button for Anti-boot options
  • - Added: Tool button for Voice
  • - Added: Voice ping
  • - Added: Y!Supra message on start up
  • - Added: YMSG servers
  • - Improved: Audio Component
  • - Improved: Font color selector
  • - Improved: Ghost and god modes
  • - Improved: Instant Message flood filter
  • - Improved: Main menu display
  • - Improved: Porn bot filter
  • - Fixed: Account Manager not coming to foreground after typing /ghost
  • - Fixed: Buddy List disappearing bug
  • - Fixed: Default client ID
  • - Fixed: Default setting for Chat/IM filters
  • - Fixed: Error when Windows theme is changed
  • - Fixed: Packet Analyzer scroll error
  • - Fixed: Statusbar panel for packet received not being drawn correctly
  • - Fixed: URL launch when no default browser is detected
Download the Latest Version Of Y!Supra 1.34!

War of Boot - Yahoo Exploit Booter

Comments from coder

WAR OF BOOT Evolution SSL ( Secure Socket Layer )

Keep in mind, not all booter working on any ppl because of different connection speed !

Because this is SSL login booter that send the packets fast so you might need to take a minute in every booting session end or you might need to logout bots and close the program if you send to many packets to the victim .

How To use :

Multi Login Bot Booter

  • Bot must be in bot:password format, and save to text file.
  • Load bots, the maximum is 300 bots (,no need many bots actually )
  • Select how many bots to login
  • Click Login then wait until the login session is finished
  • Do not try to close program when in the middle of login because the program will show bad behavior !
  • After those step u ready to use the program, just put your victim id in the victim box then just select the boot option.
  • For better result you might need to change the settings, packets delay, packets loop and packets amount, this is important !

You can join multi bots in room, no need in same room this is used to send the Disconnect packets !. If you gonna use “Silent Room Flood “ option u need the bots in the same room, no need many bots !

You can flood all user in chat room, but it might only affected in Yahoo Messenger users.

Single Bot Booter
  • Put id and password, then login
  • You can select room to join the bot , submit captvha and grab all user in room
To Boot user simply put user id in the victim box, then select the boot option !
Remember to change the settings specially packets amount.

If the bots wont logged in you might need to close the program then try to login again ! specially after u use “Disconnect” option .

Download War of Boot - Nice Yahoo Exploit

Yahoo Room Destroyer

yahoo chat room destroy

A very Nice chat client with inbuilt exploit booter and room booter. The only unbootable chat client with room locker option till now, give a try and have fun on yahoo chat rooms.

Room Destroy Version 7.0.0

- New GUI for easy use
- Fix Auto room boot bug (Hang the PC when use this)

Yahoo Room Locker, Booter, Tool, Client...

- Room locker, booter and chat client with special features.

Good things:
- Support Http, YMSG 13 14 15 16 101 102 logins
- New exploits
- Easy to use, good looking
- Completely free

Bad things:
- Does not have voice domination, you should use some alternative methods, for example VCGuard to dominate the voice

- Some old features are still there, so maybe they are not usable (i'll remove in the next version)

- I dont have time ('cuz i have to work in the company)


- The combination of Server + port + YMSG version are very important. You should DOUBLE CHECK before login the bots. It decides that your bots will login or not!

- The combination of server + port + YMSG version also affects the way you use the bots, for example: anti boot, stay in room, booter etc

For example, to avoid from booter, you should use 130.ac4. Server.cuz this server doent send u any pm related sends only room packet (so still be booted by RD's boot packet)

- If 130.ac4 server doesnt work with ur ip(this server accepts ip from specific country only). Then u can use YMSG 102 + mud server,it can avoid invite exploit packet which is being used to make room booter.

- mud servers can be used to login YMSG 13 14, 101, 102

- sp1 and ac4 servers can login only YMSG 15, 16

- To use room boot option, you should use YMSG 13,14,15,16 and sp1 or ac4 servers. Otherwise it wont work. Only these servers send this type of boot packet. And YMSG 15,16 does not ban you.
- If you use the ac4 server you will not see room text, to fix this, please right click on RD and DISABLE "Anti lag room" option

* RD is actually a toy, use it in your style, different people use RD with different styles.

Download Yahoo Room Destroy

Y!Supra Yahoo Third Party Chat Client

A Very Nice Yahoo Third Party Chat Client By Dubee. I am using since dazza stopped making the public version of YHook. I would recomment all blog readers to use Y!Supra and Support Dubee for his extraordinary work in order to make a free less spam, hard to boot and good voice domination yahoo third party chat client. It will soon will be in number one position making other yahoo third part chat clients like YahElite, Yazak, Yhook etc in back side. Enjoy and Have Fun I will Be Posting all the future updates of Y!Supra.

Y!Supra is a third party chat client that will enrich your Yahoo! experience with its user-friendly design and advanced capabilities.

This is the first program of its kind to be a pure native application. No external dependencies are required, not even for YMSG authentication or voice chat.

Y!supra ysupra

Listed below are just some of the features provided by Y!Supra

- Animated Smilies
- Customizable fonts & colors
- Hypertext preferences
- Buddylist with stealth & custom status options
- Tabbed Instant Messages
- Offline Messages
- Chat Rooms
- List of all chat rooms
- Favorite & Recent chat room lists
- Ability to stay in a chat room for up to 6 hours
- Emotes
- Tattoos
- Voice Chat with "domination", recorder & is not affected by voice laggers
- Allow or disallow voice chat to strangers

- Advanced SPAM/flood filters
- Flood Detector which will automatically heighten security when a flood is detected
- Ten customizable chat room filters
- Nine customizable instant message filters
- Username wildcard ignore
- Message wildcard filter
- Filter Log
- Safe List
- Ignore List
- God Mode
- Ghost Mode

- Account Manager
- Account Unlocker
- Password Changer
- Auto-update
- Packet Analyzer
- Macros/Chat Commands
- Server Preferences
- Customizable Client ID

System requirements: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista.

Download Y!Supra!Supra.exe

Yahoo Conference Packet Exploit

Tired of writing regarding what this exploit do, its good u gave a try on ur own its easy to operate.

It is a conference yahoo exploit booter. Recommended by good friends, if its not working on your side. Please delete the program and search the working yahoo exploit booters.

yahoo exploitsDownload Yahoo Conference Packet Exploit

Yahoo Messenger, GTalk, MSN, & AIM Auto Reply Tool is one of useful FREE online service which works as a auto reply answering machine for your Instant Messengers like Yahoo messenger, Google Talk, MSN, AIM and ICQ.

This service could be really useful to auto respond to the messages on your instant messengers in case you are away from your computer or busy in doing some other important work.

It works in the following way mentioned below

1. Go to and Login through your instant messaging account credentials.

yahoo messenger auto reply
2. Setup your online account status and type in your answer text and click Save Changes button.

yahoo auto reply
3. Click Exit, to exit but your account will stay online, and respond to messages by your friends.

This service will auto respond to all the messages by your friends and contact list even if your computer is switched off.

Check out

Working Yahoo Room Booter Exploit

yahoo room booter
Version 1.8 Updates News***

-NEW R4 Charge and Release Packet for Hitting Single User or 5 Victims on a Custom boot List!

-Upgraded to 1000 Bot Login!

-Alterations To Login Method No Longer using Inets for the SSL part of Login. Can Run Login at Any Speed!

-Added R4 Invites DC Booter Built In, With Seperate Multi Bot Login For Seperate Bots! Joins Bots to A room atleast 30! I use 60!

(I use 60 joined into 2 different rooms, join 30 to some random empty room like UK:22 then after joining 30...,
I change room name to like UK:24 an Continue joining the Remaining Logged in Bots!...,
This Booter CAN BOOT cs130.msg.ac4 Server with 30- 60 Packets Only! Charged and Release! Also Will boot Any Other Servers Any Client!,
BUT THIS CANNOT DC YHOOK IN WEBMODE!!! Has a Max Login of 60 Bots!! Much More Powerful than Uber Booter or any other!)

Download Working Yahoo Room Exploit

Yahoo Server Charge Exploit

yahoo charge server exploit
1. You need 100 plus good yahoo ids bots
2. I tested on Myself it sends yahoo conference invite exploit to victim
3. Have Patience give at least 30 seconds in order to charge your yahoo bots
4. If not works on you ... try looking for new versions.


Download Free Yahoo Server Charge Exploit

Connect Your Twiiter With Yahoo Messenger

yahoo twitter pluginTwitter-Sync is a new plug-in from WackyB that lets you keep Twittering away when using your favorite Instant Messenger :)

It's main features are:
1) Keeps your Messenger status and Twitter in synchronization with each other.

2) Changing your Yahoo! Messenger status updates your your Twitter automatically!

3) Update your Yahoo! Messenger status from anywhere in the world! Messenger status automatically updates to show your latest Twitter!

4) See your friends latest Twitters right in your messenger window.

5) Expanded window shows the last 10 Tweets from you and your friends.

6) Alerts and notifications for new Tweets received.

7) Twitter-Sync will NOT update your status if you are currently Invisible.

8) Lots of options to configure Twitter-Sync how you want!.

For more information check out the WackyB Twitter-Sync

Download Twitter Plugin For Yahoo Messenger
Twitter Plugin

Get Yahoo Messenger For Apple iPhone 3G

Yahoo Messenger iPhoneGet Yahoo! oneConnect, a revolutionary social address book that brings together your people, your life, and all the ways you communicate. Yahoo! oneConnect makes it easy to stay connected and in the loop from a single application.

How to get Yahoo! oneConnect from your computer

* Launch iTunes
* Go to the App Store
* Search for Yahoo! oneConnect
* Download Yahoo! oneConnect (it's free!)
* Sync your iPhone or iPod touch with iTunes
* Go to your home screen on your device and tap on the Yahoo! oneConnect icon
* Follow the instructions to set-up Yahoo! oneConnect

How to get Yahoo! oneConnect from your iPhone or iPod touch

* Click on the App Store icon
* Search for Yahoo! oneConnect
* Download Yahoo! oneConnect (it's free!)
* Go to your home screen on your device and tap on the Yahoo! oneConnect icon
* Follow the instructions to set-up Yahoo! oneConnect

Decode Easily Your Yahoo Messenger Messages

While chatting with a buddy online through Yahoo Messenger, our chat gets archived so that we can read the chat later at some stage but to read this stored chat we need to login back into our yahoo account.

yahoo archive decoderHere is a way with which you can read yahoo chats stored in your computer in the Yahoo Messages Archive and that too without the need of logging in. In other words, you can decode Yahoo Messenger’s message archive without knowing the password to login.

Archive-Decoder is an online free Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder or Reader that can read Yahoo Messenger archive files (.dat files) and presents them in a format that you can read. Using this you can also check your partner’s, kids’, employee’s or just anyone’s chat history.


1. Decodes the message archive without logging in.

2. No passwords required.

3. Up to 20 times faster than the Yahoo! Messenger internal viewer.

4. Online and free

What you have to do is just browse for the .dat files that gets stored in the archive folder in the computer and it will show the chat for that file. You can find the dat files in your user name folder inside “C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\Profiles” folder.

Check Yahoo! Status - Freeware to Check Yahoo Messenger Status

yahoo status check

Check Yahoo! Status is a freeware that allows you to check if someone using Yahoo! Messenger is online without having to open the messenger.

Check Yahoo! Status Features :

* Check Yahoo! Messenger status instantly
* Check status at given intervals
* Steal Yahoo Messenger avatars
* Check Yahoo! 360 link
* View Yahoo Messenger status history

Download Check Yahoo! Status from Softpedia

Yahoo Exploit Buddy Spy

yahoo ID Spy

Yahoo Exploit Spy will Spy on Yahoo Ids

1. Detect yahoo id online or offline
2. Detect the Yahoo Webcam On or OFF
3. Detect the main Yahoo ID from the profile yahoo id
4. Check the yahoo display picture

Download the Yahoo Exploit Buddy Spy

Yahoo Pingbox now available for Facebook

yahoo pingboxPingbox, our embeddable IM application for web pages, is now available for Facebook. Now you can put a Pingbox on your Facebook profile, and visitors to your page can IM you without having to download or sign into Yahoo! Messenger.

To add a Pingbox to your page, visit the Yahoo! Messenger Pingbox application page on Facebook. The same customization tools are available in the Facebook version, so you can personalize your online and offline greeting, choose from dozens of designs, and if you wish, require your visitors to give themselves a nickname before they can IM you.

With the Pingbox app, your friends can IM you from your profile page even when you’re not on Facebook.

Add someone to your Yahoo Messenger list without their permission

How to Add someone to your list without their permission

Ok, for those who have been on yahoo as long as I have, this is the way
we use to Add someone to our friends list without them knowing.

1) Pick an account that you want to Add the person to.

2) Create an alias account under that main ID;

3) Sign into messenger with the Alias you just made.

4) Go back into the account information, and click the delete button to delete the Alias ID HOWEVER DO NOT CONFIRM IT YET.

5) Add the user to your friends list in messenger under that new alias account.

6) After to have added the user, IMMEDIATELY go and hit the confirm button to delete the alias profile.

7) Now the user you just added, will probably deny the request to add
them, however you never get that denial because you have deleted the
account to which the ADD came from.

The user will remain on your friends list for the main account name.


cs130 AC4 Server is Patched

cs130 AC4 server is dead

cs130 AC4 is either down or non-existent.cs130.msg.ac4 is currently not working. It won't allow connections. on all ports its dead for now unavailble..

Connection is forcefully rejected".

*** Could not Start Chat
*** connect( failed because the connection attempt was refused. [10061]
10:30:50 AM Disconnected
Connection is forcefully rejected".

Yahoo was failed to stop buffer boot exploit so they temporary removed 130 ac4 server so YMDCROOMLIST2 yahoo exploit patched too

YPOPs! POP3 and SMTP access to Yahoo! Mail

YPOPs! is a free open source software that provides POP3 and SMTP access to Yahoo! Mail. You can use your favourite email client, be it Outlook, Thunderbird, or whatever else you like and connect to Yahoo! Mail seamlessly.

How do we do it you ask? Well, this application is more like a gateway. It provides a POP3 server interface at o*ne end to talk to email clients and an HTTP client (browser) interface at the other which allows it to talk to Yahoo! The same concept holds good for SMTP as well.

IMAP might not be enabled for all accounts! Switch your profile to Yahoo! Asia if it fails at first!

Tests Performed:
1. Tested with 5 different accounts; some with Yahoo! Asia as profile as some retained with US and UK profiles
2. IMAP worked for all; POP3 did not work for any!
3. Tested with email downloads with some accounts have in excess of 1000 emails. All retrieved successfully in single POP3 session.

1. If it does not work for you, please PM me. I will need to investigate further.

Next Steps:
1. SOAP protocol support. Programmer hoping to get this very soon. Will keep posting progress on a regular basis.
2. SMTP support. Once SOAP support has been completed, it will be time to take up this big challenge.

Download it here.
( Direct Download )

Comparison of instant messaging clients

The following images compare general and technical information for a number of instant messaging clients including yahoo messenger. Please see the individual products' articles for further information. This post is not all-inclusive or necessarily up-to-date.

Operating system support
Click On Pic To Enlarge It
yahoo messenger comparison

Multiprotocol clients
Click On Pic To Enlarge It

yahoo messenger comparison

Information on what features each of the clients support.
Click On Pic To Enlarge It
yahoo messenger comparison

Features 2
Click On Pic To Enlarge It
yahoo messenger comparison

Source : wikipedia

Yahoo Messenger Exploiter & One Bot Exploit Pack

yahoo exploits

Single Yahoo Id Yahoo Exploit.
Disconnect Latest Yahoo Messenger 9.
18 Yahoo Boot Options

Yahoo Messenger Exploiter

yahoo exploits
Freeze all Yahoo Messenger Build
Add and Deny Messenger Yahoo Exploit
PM Disconnect Yahoo Messenger Exploit

Download Updated Yahoo Messenger Exploit Pack

This Yahoo Messenger Pack is Protected By Password In Order To get Password You Need to mail me at . This program is only for fun and education purpose i am not posting to harm anyone PC. So while using this programs Use your own brain.

Grab and Save Someone Yahoo Messenger Avatar

Yahoo Messenger Avatar is a Picture or Image that represent the owner of the avatar of yahoo Messenger user(s). At this time, We would give you a simple trick to grab the avatar of yahoo messenger from somebody else / someone else the get and save it to your storage disk in your local komputer (desktop, PC an else). You can then use that avatar for your own avatar or just share with your friends.

As long as we knew, there are 4 ways we can achieve avatar grabber or yahoo avatar getter: User Manual Ways, Use Yahoo Avatar Grabber Application, Use Invisible Checker that provides avatar viewer, and then Use direct Link Avatar from Yahoo Servers.

Get Yahoo Avatar Manually

For Manual ways, just make a PM / Private Message or IM / Instant Message with the user that you want to grab his/her avatar. Then User Print Screen button of your keyboard. Paste to Image editor likes Paint or else. Then Crop it and Save it. Done.

Use Yahoo Avatar Grabber Application

There are a lot of software from the net that has a purpose to get and grab the yahoo avatar, usually, it called Yahoo Avatar Grabber. Just googling it and I hope you will find it.

Use Invisible Checker Website

Some of Invisible Checker Website has an ability to view the avatar of the users that want to detect they are online or invisible or offline. Just use one of them. For the example we use Invisible Checker site to grab the avatar of my friends.

yahoo messenger avtar

Type the username and then press scan button. When avatar appears below the username, just right click on it and the save the image. Done

User direct Link manual of Yahoo Avatar User

The fast way and the easiest way is find the url of the image of the avatar is get directly from Yahoo Image Avatar Server. Do like this:

Open your Internet Browser and the type:

Change username into the ID or Yahoo User that you want to grab the avatar

yahoo messenger avtar

The avatar would suddenly appears and you can save it by right click on the avatar image. Done.

Ad Banner Remover Plus : Update - 2/24/2009

Download - Ad Banner Remover Plus v1.0.3.5 ( Updated - 2/24/2009 )

Alt Download - Ad Banner Remover Plus v1.0.3.5 ( Updated - 2/24/2009 )

ABRP Clean - Download ( Stand Alone Clean Tool Application )

The ABRP Clean is for those who are not being shown the Clean button. Simply start
the application. If the Key is found the clean button will be enabled. Click the clean
button and it will safely remove the Key entry for you.

Supports ( All Yahoo Messenger 8 Builds ) ( All Yahoo Messenger 9 Builds up to Yahoo Messenger )

If the Yahoo Messenger Version shows up as simply click the Fix Version button.

Note: If you have already patched a version of Yahoo Messenger and update to a newer build of Ad Banner Remover Plus
you will need to click the Clean button first.

Vista Users

Right click on Ad Banner Remover Plus and Select "Properties", click on the "Compatibility tab" then check
"Run this program as an administrator"

YEmotePLUS Plugin for Yahoo Messenger


Building on the success of YEmote plugin, YEmotePLUS has been re-written from scratch to include all the features you requested and some additional. For those that want more then the simple smiley menu of YEmote; YEmotePLUS gives you access to ALL the secret and hidden Emoticons / Smileys quickly and easily, Multiple layouts let you organize smileys into groups and categories. Customize the layout/background colour with drag'n'drop smileys where you want them, even send your layout to friends running YEmotePLUS!. Click animated smiley to be insert automatically into your text. Full mouse over descriptions (and which versions of messenger Windows / Mac can see them). Right mouse button click to preview all smileys animating. New MSN Live mode switches to compatible smileys when chatting with your Windows Live Messenger contacts. See 'info' tab in plugin for more information / feature list. YEmotePLUS is a conversation plugin for Yahoo Messenger v8.0 and above, check screen shots and our website for more details on how to use plugins.

Version Information
Update: smileys only animate with mouse over using less CPU when idle.
Update: v1.1 re-written to include feature requests from users feedback

Download Application
Install Now

Yahoo! Messenger Games Challenge

Fire up a fast-paced match of 13 hot games including Pool, Text Twist, Literati, Super Collapse, and Chess and see how you stack up against your friends! Got the high score? Send a "Beat that, pal!" IM and try to keep your perch. Who will be top of the heap on your friends list?

Download Application
Install Now

ConfreeCall for Yahoo Messenger

The Confreecall plugin for Yahoo! lets you make free conference calls from your Yahoo! Voice Messenger client and from a regular telephone. You can start, schedule and control calls directly from your Yahoo! Voice Messenger client. Free Conference Calling now made easy. NOTE: You will still need to pay for the long distance charges to get to the conference bridge.

Download Application

Install Now

Pando Plug-In for Yahoo! Messenger 9

Pando Networks proudly presents a mini version of Pando to be used exclusively with your Yahoo! Messenger contact list. Wait, you say, I can already send files with Yahoo! Messenger! Yes. But with Pando:

yahoo messenger softwares
  • You can send both files and folders. Experience the ecstasy of folder IM.
  • Send up to 1GB even better. Gigantic files take time. Transfer them faster with Pando.
  • Forget firewalls. Pando helps friends send to friends behind firewalls.
  • Send multiple files to multiple contacts at once. Without Pando, it's one file to one contact at a time.
  • Fast forwards. Forward Pando files you've received with one click - no need to reupload anything.
  • Pause and resume your transfers.
  • Manage transferred files. Easily access and manage files you've sent and received.
  • Hot content, high quality. Every week we’ll post sample HD Videos.
Want it? Get the Plug-in here

Requires Yahoo! Messenger with Voice version 9.0 or later for Windows. Get it now.

Start calls from Mac Yahoo Messenger Address Book

If you’re a Mac user that lives and dies by your Address Book, you’ll love this tool. One of our developers wrote a plug-in for the Mac Address Book application that lets you start a call on Yahoo! Messenger right from your friend’s contact card. Once the script is installed, you can right click on any contact’s phone number and you’ll see an option for “Call with Yahoo! Messenger”.

Here’s how to install the script which will work in conjunction with Yahoo! Messenger for Mac 3.0 Beta 4:

1) Download the zip file and unzip the contents (1 file entitled “Yahoo! Messenger.scpt”)

2) Double click the hard drive icon on your desktop, go to the Library folder, and find the folder entitled “Address Book Plug-ins” (~/Library/Address Book Plug-Ins/)

3) Drag and drop the Yahoo! Messenger.scpt file you downloaded into the Address Book Plug-ins folder. (You may be asked to authenticate the installation)

4) After restarting the Address Book, you will be able to right-click on anyone’s phone number and call them through Yahoo! Messenger.

Source :

Secure Your Yahoo Messenger Conversations

secure yahoo messenger
IMCrypto is a software to establish secure instant messenger conversations across ICQ 6.0, Yahoo Messenger 8.x, Messenger 9.x. This makes it impossible for hackers to read or intercept the message in between. This can be especially useful when chatting on a public wifi where some hackers can sniff the conversations. This application uses same RSA asymmetric cryptography algorithm used by Gmail.

IMCrypto Free version has all the necessary functions to establish secure conversation, but you can use it to communicate only with one person at a time and you can use it only with one IM client you choose during the installation. A Pro version is available for chatting with multiple contacts. Note: To establish secure conversation both interlocutors must have IMCrypto installed. This works on Windows 2000, Windows XP Home/Professional, Windows Vista 32 bit. Download ImCrypto

Yahoo Messenger & 3rd Party Cleints Exploit Software Pack

Hello Yahoo Exploit Blog Readers, going to share some new yahoo messenger exploit programs.

War of Boot Multi Victim Yahoo Exploiter

war of boot
Multi Login Bot Booter using SSL login technique.
Single and Multi Victims with working boot option.
Single bot to join room, used to grab all user in room for booting all id in room, supposed to make all Yahoo Messenger user Crash !

Multi bot join room , used to flood yazak User on server Ac4.130 Port 80, now packet size upto 9000 character !

Download War Of Boot

Professional Flooder work on Single Victim

Disconnect YHook and Yazak even on server Ac4.130 Port 80 .

yahoo room flooderDownload Professional Flooder

All Files are password protected, you need to mail me on for passwords. Reason this files are password protected because i dont want leechers to use this exploit programs.


Trick to Login Multiple Yahoo Messenger ID's

How to login with multiple ID's at the same time in Yahoo messenger? smug

If you have multiple yahoo ID's and wants to login with more than one yahoo ID at the same time then don't worry, you can login with more than one yahoo ID at the same time using this tip. There is no need to install any other yahoo multi messenger version, you can easily covert your normal yahoo messenger into multi messenger and enjoy your many ID's at the same time.

Follow the given steps to change the yahoo messenger registry value: hurry up!

Click Start button and type regedit in Run option then press Enter for next.

multi yahoo messenger

Here locate the location :


multi yahoo messenger

Here in right side panel, right click to create a new Dword value with name Plural and give it value 1.

multi yahoo messenger

Now close the registry editor and restart your computer after any changes to go into effect. For signing in with new YAHOO ID open another messenger open as many messengers you need. If you want to disable the multiple messenger option then again open registry editor and change Plural value 1 to 0.

multi yahoo messenger

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Watch videos with a friend on Yahoo Messenger 9

There’s an updated version of the Zync plug-in that now supports sharing videos from Yahoo! Video, Flickr, and YouTube in Yahoo! Messenger 9.0.

If you’re not familiar with it, the Zync plug-in lets you watch an online video together with a friend right in the IM window. While Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 has always had the ability to view online videos within the IM conversation window, the Zync plug-in takes it a step further by allowing you and your friend to watch the video in perfect sync.

Here’s how it works. When you paste a video link from Yahoo! Video, YouTube or Flickr into an IM, the video player appears in the conversation window. Below the player is a button that says “Watch With Me”. Click it and your friend will be asked to load the Zync plug-in.

One you both have the plug-in loaded, a side panel will appear on your IM window with the video in it. From there, you can start, pause or close the video and your friend will have the same experience. Similarly, your friend can control the video from their side. You can even go full-screen with the video.

Zync is great when you want to discuss a video while you both watch it. The two of you are always at the same point in the video so your friend can’t spoil the big ending by jumping ahead (if they do, you jump ahead too).

Thanks to the team at Yahoo! Research for updating the Zync plug-in. Want to try out more of their creations? Head over to

Trick to know if your friend is invisible on Yahoo Messenger

This is a very simple trick to know if your friend or a certain user is on invisible mode without using any Yahoo spy program. Some reasons why they chose to appear offline are they maybe too busy to talk to anyone, having a conversation to someone important, or just trying to ignore you .

Follow this simple trick to find who among your friends are hiding
The first step is open a chat window on the person you want to check by double clicking it’s name.
yahoo messenger invisible
Click on IMVironment, Select “See all IMVironments”, Select “Interactive Fun” then click on Doodle

Send your friend a short message so your friends chat window will load. If you don’t do this the Doodle will not load even if your hiding friend is online.
If your friend is offline the Doodle IMVironment will not load and will just show this “waiting for your friend to load Doodle” continuously.
If your friend is Hiding then the Doodle will immediately load you should get a blank page like in the picture below. Then it is confirmed your friend is really avoiding you

find yahoo invisible
After doing this… most of the time your hiding friend will immediately close the chat window and you will see a exact message like you see on the picture below.

invisible on yahoo messenger