Yahoo Will Stop Old Messenger Versions

Just going through yahoo official blog and came to know that they would be retiring the old yahoo messenger versions from 6 to 7.5 versions very soon. So its requested to all blog readers to update the your yahoo messenger to latest version. The old dll files will now not support the clients who used the same login method as in previous versions of yahoo messenger. so the third party client coders will have to fix there yahoo clients to make it stable with working yahoo messenger.

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Yahoo Messenger Installation Guide to Install Yahoo Messenger 9.0

Since we have a lot of users upgrading to Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 right now, I’ve seen some comments/complaints about the extra programs and settings that are bundled with the Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 installer. I thought I’d take a moment to explain what they are and how you can customize your own installation.

In addition to the Messenger client, there are a few other items that you can add at the same time while installing Yahoo! Messenger 9.0: Yahoo! Toolbar, as your browser’s home page, and set Yahoo! as your default search provider (in the search box that’s built into your browser window).

On the first screen of the installer, the additional items are listed. You’ll also notice two items at the top – typical install and custom install. Click on the custom install link and it will show you a more detailed set of options for your install including desktop and quick launch shortcuts, Yahoo! Toolbar, and the homepage and search settings mentioned earlier (pictured below). Note that if you already have some of these things installed or set (e.g. you already have Yahoo! as your homepage), they won’t appear in the list of options.

yahoo messenger install
If you want all of these items installed along with Yahoo! Messenger, just click the Next button at the bottom. Or uncheck the boxes for the items you don’t want. None of them are required for the installation of Yahoo! Messenger, they are simply extras that we offer to our Yahoo! users. These same options are offered during the automatic upgrade process that happens when we offer you a new version at sign-in (which many of you are now seeing for Yahoo! Messenger 9.0). These same customization options are available in that installation wizard as well

Yahoo Booter - Changcuters II By Physco

yahoo booter

The Changcuters II ( SSL Login Yahoo Exploit Booter )

It supposed to hit Yahoo Messenger 8 and 9 User working many times to same victim with simple trick.

If your bots does not login, try to change your bots and password.

Login problem ? just make sure you copy and paste VoodoEncrypt15.dll at your /system and /system32 folder

// Your anti virus blocked the program ?
Or result give you bad result ?

Many yahoo booters program flagged as dangerous program as long you get from the original link.

Download Changcuters II

Single Bot SSL Login Yahoo Exploit Booter

Bot SSL Login

This is the new working single yahoo id exploit booter.
you need only one yahoo id and you can crash the latest and old yahoo messenger versions.

This exploit booter have 4 options.

1. 9+ exploit : this yahoo exploit will disconnect Yahoo messenger 9 versions
2. old Messenger Exploit: disconnect and freeze old yahoo messenger
3. PM DC: will disconnect yahoo users by sending PM DC exploit
4. Audible: This exploit packet send yahoo audibles to the victim and make him disconnect from yahoo

Download the Single Bot SSL Login Yahoo Exploit Booter

Working Yahoo Exploit Booter - C++ Error

Ok Folks this one yahoo exploit booter is working these days. you need to have 100 good bots as suggested by coder of program to hit yahoo messenger, yazak and yahelite. For rest of third party yahoo clients i haven't tested this yahoo C++ error exploit.

yahoo C++ Error

Below are the comments from coder johnnyjammer

" Pretty simple uses ymsgdc login by dazza still works good and fast

This needs Pm's to be open on yahoo messy 8 or 9 ive only tried 9 but im sure the error script will handle 8 as well
load 100+ names i used 100 names and it hammers pretty good lol 200-300 would smash hell out of yahoo messy but why bother "

" this will boot clients i have booted yazack/yahelite and ymlite wikth 200 bots and sent 10 thousand pkts but as fara s ur problem logging in u would say if the others work then ur tmp banned oir yah mate had PM's off see this is a file transfere pkt thats all with 1 char(10) so it wont be killer "

Download yahoo C++ Error Exploit Booter By JohnnyJammer Error Jammer.rar