Yahoo Messenger Beta Released ( Webcam Bugs Fixed)

Update your yahoo messenger 10 Beta to latest version of yahoo messenger.

An update of Yahoo! Messenger 10 Beta is now available ( This latest version addresses a couple of video call bugs, plus some improvements in messaging about how it works. Changes in this latest version include:

- Improvements in the webcam detection logic. If you were able to use your webcam on 9.0 or other IM programs, but not on Yahoo! Messenger 10, this fix should take care of the issue.

- Explanation for grayed-out video call button. If your video call button is grayed-out when you’re IM’ing with a friend, it’s because they’re on an older version of Yahoo! Messenger. In order to receive your video call, they also need to upgrade to Yahoo! Messenger 10 Beta. To help reduce confusion about this, we added an inline message explaining this.

- Smoother handling of unanswered calls. When you make a call to a friend but they don’t answer within 20 seconds, the call is automatically terminated. Previously there was no messaging about this, so we added one to let you know that your friend did not answer your call.

- Better explanation for downgraded video calls. In the event your internet connection can no longer support the full video call (e.g. video + voice), the conversation gets downgraded to a voice-only call. When this happens, the video picture disappears. This is the correct behavior, but we added some inline messaging so you’ll know when and why it’s happening.

We hope everyone is enjoying Yahoo! Messenger 10 Beta. If you have any feedback, good or bad, please be sure to submit it through our feedback form, available under Help > Send Feedback in the product.

And if you encounter any technical issues while using Yahoo! Messenger 10, go to Help > Report a Problem to Yahoo! to provide us with information that will help us troubleshoot the issue.



Latest Special Character Yahoo Messenger Exploit

This is bug for Yahoo messenger version 9 and 10 . you can not entry in yahoo chat room reason because they have not got any public profile . You just need to send a pm to your victim or invite him/her to yahoo conference, in few seconds there yahoo messenger will be lagged and ultimately it will get disconnect.

Just log the id %#%yahooid%$% and logged in with same yahoo password so When you PM to Friends and type just "Hi" they will get booted or in other disconnected. Very Easy yahoo messenger trick to Boot yahoo User with out any third party yahoo Booter, now you can delete all virus binded yahoo booters which can harm your computer , so be safe using the given tick.

For example You Have This ID ~> MySimpeID

Open Yahoo Messenger 9 or 10
and Write Your Yahoo ID with symbols Like this: ^^^MyYahooID~!@#$%
and Write Password
Then Just Press [ Sign In ] Button and enjoy
You Can Use All Of Symbols In Character
*Note: you can not take yahoo id in yahoo room if you using special character while login in.

Foe better understanding i have uploaded the trick in youtube, you can watch and can have better understanding.

Latest One Bot Login, Yahoo Booter by Physco- Y!KnockOut-3.1

Y!Knockout 3.1 ( SSL Login Booter )

It supposed to hit Yahoo Messenger 8 and 9 and 10 User
and some client with an exploit in Disconnect option.
This exploit also boot the latest yahoo messenger 10. It will disconnect latest yahoo messenger 10.

if your bot does not login, try to change your bots and password.

Login problem ? just make sure you copy and paste
VoodoEncrypt15.dll at your /system and /system32 folder

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