Yahoo Messenger Trick: YM Status Exploit

Hello all,

A simple yahoo messenger trick which you can do with your friends who are already added in your buddy list.
Its a basically a yahoo messenger status exploit which when clicked by other yahoo users they get disconnected so fast like a flash.. You can check the yahoo messenger status exploit video below and see how it works.
I have tested this trick on yahoo messenger 10 version ... you guys can write your views on this whether it works or not.

Steps to consider in order to make it work perfect.
1. Open Yahoo Messenger 10 Version.
2. On messenger status type : ymsgr:-kill View My Webcam
3. Now who ever person in your friend list click this url will get disconnected .

Try this trick to have fun with your friends, however it yahoo team loophole and might they will fix it soon .. till then you guys can have fun and enjot this simple trick.. especialy all hot and beautiful girls who can type this status and get away with there annoyed yahoo messenger buddies.

Do give reply and your views on this...


Yahoo Booter: Boot YSupra : System Of Down

New Update Yahoo booter System Of Down V1.5 For Fast Disconnect all yahoo messenger Versions and yahoo chat clients.

This yahoo booter boots Ysupra, boos Y!supra, boots Y!zak, ymlite etc
It will work on fast internet connection in order to boot Ysupra and other yahoo chat clients

How To Use:

Load Your ID 15-30 For Disconnect Liked Chat Client Yazak(tested) , Yah Elite (Tested) and YSupra But You Need to Load more than 50 ids again For YSUpra Chat client to boot it.

Download It:

No More Yahoo Chat Spam: Download Free Y!Tunnel 2.5 Beta Build 618 By FLZ

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Easy to use!
Select the filtering options you want and Y!TunnelPro does all the work.

Yahoo! Messenger Integration.
Y!TunnelPro integrates with Yahoo! Messenger allowing quick and easy access to commonly used features.

Automatically receive updates and fixes.
Y!TunnelPro can optionally be set up to automatically check for and download updates containing enhancements, fixes, and additional protection against malicious and abusive users.

Unequaled Chat Protection!
Places a barrier of protection between you and abusive users. This helps protect you against boots, invite bombs, lags.

Duplicate line and flood filtering.
Not everyone uses proper netiquette when participating in chatrooms. Repetitive messages, "screen clears", and flooding of chatrooms with random messages are filtered so you don't see them.

Enhanced privacy.
Y!TunnelPro includes privacy features that go beyond those included with Yahoo! Messenger. Enhanced privacy allows you to decide if you want to receive private messages and invites from people on your buddy list, people in chatrooms, and from people that you do not know.

Font and Text Effects Filtering.
Effects such as fading and alternating text colors and large fonts can disrupt chatrooms and in some cases can make if very difficult to read the text of the sender. Y!TunnelPro can optionally filter the senders text to remove these settings.

"Spam-bot" blocking.
Y!TunnelPro aggressively monitors the content of private messages sent by other users and will automatically block messages that appear to be generated by an automated "spam" bot.

Enhanced chat room and private message windows.
Y!TunnelPro can optionally enlarge the chatroom and private message text entry area and the list of users participating in the chatroom making it easier to enter text and see who is in the chatroom.

Ad Remover.
Remove unwanted and possibly offensive ad banners from chatroom and webcam windows.

How to Install Y!Tunnel 2.5 Beta Build 618
  1. Download the Y!Tunnel
  2. Extract the folder in to C:\Program Files
  3. Do not change the extract path if you change it the yahoo tunnel smileys will not work

Download  Y!Tunnel 2.5 Beta Build 618