Psycho Yahoo Messenger Flooder & Jammer Room Booter

Y!m Flooder By psycho
Tips After Login Bots Click On Charge Server Then Hit Disconnect Very Fast Dc For Those Noobs That Are So Annoying In Room Using Yahoo messenger!

Jammer Yahoo Room Booter Exploit 

This yahoo room booter will disconnect on yahoo messenger versions. Just login your id and pass and enter room name and fill captcha and start booting the annoying yahoo messenger users. This room booter also have option auto room boot that means when ever some one enter the room it will automatically boot that user.

Download Psycho Yahoo Messenger Flooder & Jammer Room Booter

Yahoo Messenger Room Booter By Tadpole

Newbie cleaner V.5

This room booter will boot only yahoo messenger versions and it also auto boot option.
Download Newbie cleaner V.5

Yahoo Chat Room Booter and Single Login Exploit Booter

Yahoo Chat Room Booter By Jammer - Login Credits to Dazza ..

This Room booter will disconnect  all yahoo messenger versions in chat room and also boot chat clients Ysupra and Yazak.

Single Login Bot Yahoo Booter By Jammer:

Quotes by Coder: " this exploit packet isn't new by any means but shows how to send it properly with out sending 60 packets  this uses dazzas log in method"

Download Yahoo Chat Room Booter and Single Login Exploit Booter

Download New Working Yahoo Booters

Hi friends,

I have compiled some of latest working yahoo booters on internet. These booters easily boot and disconnect the yiahoo messenger and various chat clients like Ysupra, Yepic and Yazak.

Smart Power Boot 

  • Multi Bot Login with all new update yahoo boot Packets
  • Timer option + Charge & Release option method by Dazza
  • Hitts Yahoo messenger and Chat Client.
  • To boot Clients you need to Login more than 100 Bots and do not stop Booting until u see your victim get booted and left the chatroom
Download Latest version of smart power boot

C++ Yahoo Booter
  • This booter hits yahoo messenger 10 and lower versions.
  • It has 10 options to boot your victim and disconnect its yahoo messenger in quick time. 
  • This booter will send the victim hundreds of Buzz and smiley and will make stop working his messenger in short span of time.
Download C++ Yahoo Booter

How Hackers Attack Using Yahoo Messenger IP

This is only for education purpose to inform you how hackers exploit yahoo messenger to hack your computers.

So who ever try this is doing in it your own risk this tutorial is just for to guide you how hackers can attack your computer and steal vital information.
But before that you need to know some few things of yahoo messenger chat protocol

Following are the features: -
1) When we chat on yahoo everything goes through the server. Only when we chat messages tracked on yahoo sever.

2) When we send files yahoo has 2 options

a) Either it uploads the file or other client has to down load it.
Either it connects to the client directly and gets the files

3) When we use video or audio:-
a) It either goes through the server

Or it has client to client connection

And when we have client to client connection the opponents IP is revealed. On the 5051 port. So how do we exploit the Chat user when he gets a direct connection? And how do we go about it. Remember i am here to hack a system without using a TOOL only by simple net commands and yahoo chat techniques. Thats what makes a difference between a real hacker and new bies.

So let’s analyze
1) It’s impossible to get Victim IP address when you only chat.
2) There are 50 % chances of getting an IP address when you send files
3) Again 50 % chances of getting IP when you use video or audio.
So how the hackers exploit those 50 % chances using yahoo messenger to get IP.

I'll explain only for files here which lies same for Video or audio

1) Go to dos
type ->
netstat -n 3
You will get the following output.Just do not care and be cool
Active Connections

Proto Local Address Foreign Address State

Active Connections

Proto Local Address Foreign Address State

Just I will explain what the output is in general. In left hand side is your IP address. And in right hand side is the IP address of the foreign machine. And the port to which is connected. Ok now so what next ->

2) Try sending a file to the Target.
If the files comes from server and the file is uploaded leave it, you will not get the ip. But if a direct connection is established then the first attacker first phase is over.

This is the output in your netstat. The 5101 number port is where the Attacker is connected.

Active Connections
Proto Local Address Foreign Address State

3) So what next???
Hmmm........ Ok so make a DOS attack now
Go to dos prompt and
Just do
nbtstat -A Attackers IPaddress.Can happen that if system is not protected then you can see the whole network.
C:\>nbtstat -A
Local Area Connection:
Node IpAddress: [] Scope Id: []
NetBIOS Remote Machine Name Table
Name Type Status
EDP12 <00> UNIQUE Registered
XYZ <00> GROUP Registered
XYZ <20> UNIQUE Registered
XYZCOMP1 <1E> GROUP Registered
MAC Address = 00-C0-W0-D5-EF-9A

Using this MAC address you can connect victim computer and remotely operate the victim computer and do whatever what hackers do.

So in order to get saved from hackers and attackers you need good firewall protection and antivirus system. Download or update your antivirus and firewalls in order to be safe from hackers.

So the conclusion is never exchange files , video or audio till you know that the user with whom you are chatting is not going to harm you.

Single Login Yahoo Exploit Booter

This is just the ED4 yahoo exploit packet thrown in a single login.
It disconnect the yahoo messenger and chat clients Ysupra, Yazak etc.
It will boot Ysupra if you have high speed connection.

Use 25-30 packets and if you have fast connection it will send exploit packets fast enough to d/c clients like ysupra and yazak. so anyone with a connection of less then 4MPBS it might not disconnect the yahoo messenger or other cleints

This yahoo nooter uses dazzas ymsg15 login method and it is developed by Jammer.

Download The Single Login Yahoo Booter: