Download Y!supra Version

Download Y!supra Version
Yahoo Chat Room Join - Fixed

Since Y Epic will no longer updated, the best free yahoo chat client available is YSupra now. The update Ysupra yahoo chat client is upgraded to join the yahoo chat room.

Updates of Y!supra Version
- Added: The auto-cloak feature is now accessible again.
- Added: Cloak mode has been implemented to provide boot resistance.
- Added: Dual session mode has been implemented to provide boot resistance.
- Fixed: Yahoo had changed the CAPTCHA retrieval and answer method, which prevented users from joining chat.
- Fixed: A Bug in the ignore list pruner that caused the ignore list to not be saved has been rectified.
- Fixed: File transfers are now compatible with Yahoo! Messenger 11.

Download Y!supra Version

Download Yahoo Chat Room Messenger for iPhone and iPad Version 2

This is an iPhone and Ipad application, which allows you to enter Yahoo chat rooms  .
Currently the application is in form of .ipa file, so only jailbroken iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch can install it.


  • Your device must have "AppSync" installed before installing any .ipa file
  • You can install it in Cydia, search for "AppSync" and install with version of your iOS
  • Download the Y!Room application from this site
  • If after downloading, the file has .zip extension, just change it to .ipa extension
  • Drag downloaded .ipa file into iTunes
  • In iTunes, sync the new application with your device

*** You can also install .ipa file by many ways, above is just one method. You can install it with "Installous" or with "AppStoreVN"(Vietnamese application)

Iphone Yahoo Messenger 1.4 (New features & Enhancements)

+ Redesign screens for better look
+ No more problem with screen solution in iPad! iPad is now fully compatible
+ Add a button to check for new release
+ Fix a small problem with joining room on slow devices (sometimes you must join the room twice to get captcha form shown)
+ Update room text controller: Now shows more texts than before
+ Private PM now can display emoticons

- Does not support voice chat & Webcam

Iphone Yahoo Messenger Tips & Tricks
In order to keep your Yahoo ID connected,  prefer the followings:
- Turn on Multitasking feature on your device, so when you switch to another application yahoo connection will not be terminated
- Disable "Auto lock" in Settings, since once your device is in locked sate, all network connections will be terminated.

Download Yahoo Chat Room Messenger for Iphone and Ipad