Integrate Yahoo Room Booter with your Messenger

Download Yahoo Booter Without any Login Required

Integrate Yahoo Booter With Your Yahoo Messenger to kick yahoo chat room

This is the new era of booting !!!

No captcha, No Login, No rooms required. (hooks to yahoo messenger)

Features of Booter:

  • No need of id login
  • No need to type yahoo chat room name

Login into ur messy and join a room, now run this tool
Choose yahoo Messenger then change 2000 to 4000 and click Full Throttle
It will sends yahoo packets with your your yahoo messenger

Download New Yahoo Booter:

Latest Yahoo Booter and Yahoo Status Exploit

Latest Yahoo Booter and Yahoo Status Exploit

5 Key Features of this Yahoo Messenger Booter

1) Http Disruption Plain And Simple You Can Make Dual Mode Cut Off Completely, .. This is just one of the ways..

2) Iframe status change Found by Soda . this will change the status of victim and send the exploit and crash the messenger.

3) PM Flood which mostly are used by yahoo booters

4) Yahoo Room booter: you can hit an entire room within a fraction of a second setup properly

5) Yahoo Charge Release exploit

Download Latest Yahoo Booter and Yahoo Status Exploit

Yahoo Messenger 11 Status Exploit

Yahoo Messenger 11 Status Exploit

This exploit can change the status of yahoo 11 messenger users who are added in your buddy list. This tool is for   fun and educative purpose only. This will not harm any security  of yahoo users . So try with your friends and make lot of fun. :)

Download Yahoo Messenger 11 Status Exploit

Download Yahoo Messenger for Android Mobile

Download Yahoo Messenger for Android

Features of Android Yahoo Messenger
  • The best of Yahoo! Messenger: Get an all new IM experience, designed just for your Android phone
  • Video calling: Make two-way video calls with your Yahoo! Messenger friends†
  • Voice calling: Make free voice calls to your Yahoo! Messenger friends†
  • Get instant notifications: Always know when you get a new message or friend request
  • Check status: Access your friends’ status and update your own availability
  • Manage your contacts: Add, edit and synchronize contacts from Yahoo! and your phone address books
  • Connect from your Android: Chat with your Yahoo! Messenger and MSN/Windows Live friends
  • Photos and Emoticons: Send camera and gallery photos and express yourself with emoticons; plus receive pix from your IM friends
  • Buzz: Tap the icon and "buzz" your IM friends from your phone
Android Device Support
  • The Yahoo! Messenger app is designed for phones running Android OS 2.0+. If possible, upgrade your phone to OS 2.0+ to get the best experience.
  • Video calling is available on select Android devices running OS 2.2 & above
  • Video calling works on Android to Android, Android to iPhone, Android to PC calls
Whats New in Android Yahoo Messenger 1.4
  • New in 1.4
  • Chat with your Facebook friends
  • Stay online on Android & PC at the same time, receive messages only where you are active*
  • Tap return to send IM
  • Contact add requests are now grouped in a new view
  • Fixed issue where Yahoo! contacts were removed from the phonebook
  • Increased stability & performance
  • Fixed force close on Thunderbolt
  • Tip
  • Update to OS 2.2 if you experience slow performance on your Galaxy S
  • Currently supported with the latest Yahoo! Messenger for PC
Download Yahoo Messenger for Android Mobile Devices and Pads