Yahoo Tracker - Checks Online/Offline Yahoo Messenger Activity

Yahoo Tracker is a web based free to use service that lets you track the online offline activity of any yahoo id anonymously. The service is still in it's alpha testing version, so you might experience some frequent changes in the coming days. Yahoo tracker is currently tracking or spying upon more than 50,000 yahoo ids that use yahoo messenger. With more than 20,000 users, there was a need to go on dedicated servers. Here is the latest yahoo tracker which is fast, furious and more accurate than ever.

More Faster Yahoo email id Tracker

They have just moved to their own dedicated server. For those who haven’t used yahoo email id tracker uptill now, registeration is free and takes just a few seconds because of their cool easy to use ajax interface. Also their is no email activation. You can track on upto 12 yahoo ids with one account. But, if you want to track on more than 12 ids, you can always open a second account.

Start tracking Yahoo ids for free.

Register here on yahoo tracker for free, and start tracking on Yahoo Messenger Ids.

Yahoo tracker - FAQs

Ques 1. What is Yahoo tracker?

Ans. Yahoo tracker is a web based service that allows you to track online/offline status of your yahoo buddies.

Ques 2. Can i track those who are not in my messenger list?

Ans. Yes you can, your yahoo username and password are not required to use this service.

Some more features about this service--

1. The service tracks the online/offline activity of Yahoo messenger user in previous 24 hours.

We might increase the time period to 1 week in near future.

2. You can track 12 yahoo users with one account. Yes its all free..!!

3. Data will be updated after every 10 minutes automatically.

So, enjoy Yahoo tracker ALPHA by simple registration.


sankalp said...

is it able to detect the invisible user?

Gary said...

no only offline and online

Anonymous said...

does it really work? Cuz it always shows offline and I tested it with my ID and my friend's ID. It always shows offline even when we came online.

Anonymous said...

It was working and free but since they started asking for a fee, it is not accurate anymore and is unreliable!

Anonymous said...

I used to work perfect for tracking the online time but since they started asking for a fee - 5USD- it is not reliable anymore. I have also tried my account and it was unable to track it!

Anonymous said...

I want trick an invisible user!
How i can do it?

Anonymous said...

Can it track the * users too? How can i do that since you can only enter the person's username?

Anonymous said...

for invisible users try

Anonymous said...

Same question.. Can it track the * users too? How can i do that since you can only enter the person's username?