YmHook 188 - Yahoo Messenger Antibooter

yahoo antibooter

Update of YmHook 188 By Dazza.

Below are quotes from Dazza

It can be booted with a single 6000 byte service 220 packet, dont waste your time with it until yahoo fixes the protocol laughing.gif

Use the web http prog i made, out of all the ways to login to yahoo the http/web in yahoo messenger is the most bootable, 1 packet fucks it up laughing.gif

So yeah don't bother with http mode, its the most bootable way to login laughing.gif

I laugh at certin people who claimed this web/http was solid, i hope nobody paid for that newer program they made because you got scammed the worst laughing.gif

YmHook 186 will only be built to work with Yahoo! Messenger


fixed the issue with auto data-lock enabling when everyone in the room gets booted and leaves.
Added ymsg 102

Download YmHook 188


uglinho said...

Mirror please? that link is allready off.


VIP said...

yes plz post another link to the file please

vsint said...

thanks for the info,,, hopefully useful to me, it turns out there are still many things I do not know of YM

sandy said...

are still many things I was ignorant about Yahoo messenger