Working Yahoo Room Booter Exploit

yahoo room booter
Version 1.8 Updates News***

-NEW R4 Charge and Release Packet for Hitting Single User or 5 Victims on a Custom boot List!

-Upgraded to 1000 Bot Login!

-Alterations To Login Method No Longer using Inets for the SSL part of Login. Can Run Login at Any Speed!

-Added R4 Invites DC Booter Built In, With Seperate Multi Bot Login For Seperate Bots! Joins Bots to A room atleast 30! I use 60!

(I use 60 joined into 2 different rooms, join 30 to some random empty room like UK:22 then after joining 30...,
I change room name to like UK:24 an Continue joining the Remaining Logged in Bots!...,
This Booter CAN BOOT cs130.msg.ac4 Server with 30- 60 Packets Only! Charged and Release! Also Will boot Any Other Servers Any Client!,
BUT THIS CANNOT DC YHOOK IN WEBMODE!!! Has a Max Login of 60 Bots!! Much More Powerful than Uber Booter or any other!)

Download Working Yahoo Room Exploit

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