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A new update of Ysupra yahoo 3d party chat client. what is updated in written below,so download it and have fun.

- Added: Auto-rejoin chat on disconnect preference
- Added: Buddy deny and add contact option to buddylist right-click menu
- Added: Flash window on chat message preference
- Added: Offline message filter
- Added: Sign out to messenger menu
- Removed: Dead voice servers
- Improved: Audio component
- Fixed: Audio problems that were occurring for some Vista and Windows 7 users
- Fixed: Chat ping not sending in cloak mode
- Fixed: Cloak mode not disabling after joining a new room
- Fixed: Error when trying to send an instant message in ghost mode
- Fixed: Huge font showing when hypertext is disabled

Download Y!Supra!

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Anonymous said...

hello! Sir/Ma'am, i am an active forum member of Y!Supra Chat Client - and I was wondering if the official Y!Supra Chat Client be published as a link from your interesting webpage for those readers of yours that would want to have an update of this excellent chat client. The Download link doesn't contain the latest version so I am humbly requesting that the Official Website be published. Thank you.

Y!Supra Forum Member