Raid 8.5 Another Yahoo Messenger Exploit Boot Packet Software

yahoo exploit packet

Found this free yahoo messenger exploit booter which disconnects yahoo messenger and various below yahoo 3rd party chat clients. Tested by me almost all yahoo exploit packets are working fine. Have fun till it last.

Raid Version 8.5

Yahoo Messenger Booting Options in program:
  • Add Bomb
  • Anonymous Add (Only anonymous to messenger users-no bot id will show up on the requests)
  • Messy 8
  • Messy 9
  • PM Bomb
  • Audible Bomb
  • Contact Bomb
  • Game Bomb
  • Combo Bomb
  • Yahelite
  • Yazak
  • YMLite
  • YTunnel
  • YHook
  • YMHook
  • Yahaven
  • YTK
  • Jam
  • YSuffer
Download Raid 8.5

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ei how to use this?