Download Multi Yahoo Messenger

Multi yahoo messengerMulti Yahoo Messenger

With this registry file you can make the latest Yahoo Messenger run multiple in your computer and laptop. You can login multiple yahoo ids now with registry file.

Download Multi Yahoo Messenger Registry File-

Download Add & Deny Yahoo Messenger Exploit

Try this one, multi yahoo add plus deny exploit which boots and disconnects latest yahoo messenger.

Dazza added buttons to just add and deny boot the target. Dazza have also added an 8000 byte packet + the 27 conf flood server charge boot. With this when you charge the server, the service 27 exploit and an 8000 byte packet are both stored. The server charge will also screw the web/http protocol causing the user to have to relogin.

Link Updated Download Add & Deny Yahoo Messenger Exploit
Download Link is removed because this yahoo exploit dont work anymore.
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Multi Yahoo Messenger Add Error Exploit

yahoo add exploitMulti Add error yahoo exploit, you can login multiple bots and try it.

Download Multi Yahoo Messenger Add Error Exploit
Download Link is removed because this yahoo exploit dont work anymore.
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Yahoo Messenger 9.0 Add Error Yahoo Exploit

yahoo add exploitThanks To Dazza for this Yahoo Exploit.

A cool little ym9 error boot.

This should get through the pms off shit messenger has, there is a little exploit packet in it that allows you to add your bot name to their list and send the error packet.

Good to stir up people on your buddy list. laughing.gif

Download Yahoo Messenger 9.0 Add Error Yahoo Exploit
Download Link is removed because this yahoo exploit dont work anymore.
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Download Now

Yahoo Messenger 9.0 update: may help with sign-in issues

If you’ve been experiencing sign-in issues with Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 , you may want to try installing this latest version ( While we have not fixed every issue that is causing sign-in problems, we think we’ve addressed one of them. So please try installing and signing in to this new version.

Download Yahoo! Messenger

Instant Messaging & SMS in Yahoo Mail Classic

Beginning yesterday, Yahoo! Mail started rolling out integrated IM and SMS to their Yahoo! Mail Classic users worldwide. Already a popular feature in the new Yahoo! Mail, Classic Mail users can now instant message or SMS a friend right from the Mail interface. Let’s take a look at how it works…

When you sign into Mail Classic, your IM contact list will appear on the left hand sidebar below your main folder list (screenshot). If your status says offline, just click on it and select “Available” to sign in. You’ll then see who’s available to chat and it will show you as online to other friends that have you in their address books. Or if you prefer, change your status to “Invisible” to see who’s online but remain hidden yourself. You can also set a custom status message or choose “Sign out of chat” to disable the feature altogether.

Within your contact list window you’ll see two groups: online contacts and mobile contacts. Online contacts are available friends that are in your Mail address book or your existing Yahoo! Messenger list (including Windows Live Messenger contacts). Mobile contacts are friends in your address book for whom you have a mobile phone number. Click an online contact to start an instant message conversation; click a mobile contact to send a free SMS text message to their phone*.

Once you start a conversation, a window pops up in the lower right corner of your Mail Classic page. You can move the window elsewhere by dragging the top bar or resize it by clicking and dragging on the lower right corner. As you move around in Mail, the conversation window stays put so it won’t interfere with your Mail tasks. If you’re not chatting and a new message comes in, the window pops up and you’ll hear a notification sound. If you need to move it out of the way, you can minimize the window or close it altogether.

The conversation window includes a tabbed interface so you can have multiple conversations at once without cluttering up your Mail page. Instant message on one tab, SMS on another. You’ll also find a menu full of familiar emoticons you can use in your chats.

View a full screenshot of the new features in Yahoo! Mail Classic

It’s also easy to chat with friends that aren’t in your list. Click the “New Chat” link below your online contacts list, enter their Yahoo! ID (or Yahoo! email address) or their Windows Live Messenger ID and start chatting. Similarly, if you’re chatting with someone who is not on your list, click “Add Contact” in the conversation window to add them to your list. You can also add contacts from the sidebar contact list via the “Add” link in the top bar. When you add a friend to your list, you’ll be able to see their availability and status. And if someone messages you in Mail that you don’t want to talk to, click the “Block Sender” link in the conversation window to prevent further messages from them.

There are also some preferences which can be accessed from the “Settings” link at the bottom of the contact list. Change where the contact list is located on the sidebar, turn new message sound alerts on or off, or send us feedback.

A few other things to keep in mind… If you’re already using Yahoo! Messenger, setting your status to “Available” in Mail will sign you out of Messenger since you can only be online in one or the other. This lightweight version of IM in Mail Classic is just that – light on features. It’s meant to offer the basic benefits of online availability, instant messaging and SMS. For the more robust features like webcam, instant file transfer, voice, LAUNCHcast etc., stick with the full version of Yahoo! Messenger. But if you’re on a computer where you can’t install Messenger but still want to IM, the IM feature in Mail is a handy alternative.

This new feature is rolling out to all Yahoo! Mail Classic users in the next few months. If you don’t see it right away in your account, please be patient! Or switch to new Yahoo! Mail anytime to try the feature there.

After you’ve tried the new IM and SMS features in Yahoo! Mail Classic, feel free to send us feedback about your experience.

* Your recipient may be subject to a fee for receiving and replying to your SMS depending on their wireless data plan.

Yahoo Buffer Exploit Version 4

 yahoo buffer exploit
Ok Guys here is the latest version YaHoo Buffer Exploit which disconnects almost all yahoo 3rd party clients .

Y need 100 bots and charge the server with 27
28 might boot, but 27 nails for me using the charge method

Download Yahoo Buffer Exploit Version 4
Download Link is removed because this yahoo exploit dont work anymore.
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Download Yahoo! Messenger Released

Yahoo Messenger Updates (

Latest update of yahoo messenger.

link :


Yahoo! Messenger 9 Ad Remover and Destroyer

Remove the irritating Yahoo Messenger ads.

Yahoo Ad RemoveYahoo Messenger 9.0 Ad Destroy

· If on Vista Please Make sure you run this application as Administrator

· Make sure it picks up your current installed Messenger Version

· If you get a patching error, reboot and try patch again!

· Use version fix if your version is wrong!

· Will remove the buddy list ad out of builds ->

· Will remove the chat and webcam ads out of all builds!

· Some options in more options are able to be toggled!

. 64 bit users please use program files x 86 folders!

. Requirements: .NET 3.5 Framework <- (Click to download)

Download Yahoo Messenger Ad destroy:

Sign-in and login issues in latest version of Yahoo Messenger 9.0

This is Latest Post By Sarah Bacon - Product Manger Of Yahoo Messenger.

Yahoo Sign-in Issue
We know that some users are having trouble signing into 9.0 after installing the latest version ( The problem typically happens like this: you download and install the latest version but when you go to sign-in, you get an error and are asked to try again later. But even when you try later, the error continues.

If you are experiencing this issue with Yahoo! Messenger and are seeing an error like the one pictured with this post, we need your help in diagnosing the problem. Ideally, we’d like to hear from users in the U.S. or Canada that have this issue, and that are willing to be contacted by phone. If you fit this profile, please email us at with your name, phone number and best time to contact you.

Please only contact us if you are interested in helping us troubleshoot this issue.

Let me know if any one of my Blog readers faced this issue.

Webmode / Http/Web Disconnect Yahoo Exploit

yahoo exploit
ok this one will disconnect webmode and the http protocol yahoo messenger 9 uses.
im pretty sure this will render ytk enhanced useless until a relogin while its on the web/http protocol


causes an instant disconnect from a single packet, yhook auto resume will fix the dc, you dont leave chat.
all data is restored on resume.

web/http(http messenger):
a single packet will cause all received data to cease for the target user, they can send data but not receive data.
this renders the client useless until a relogin, i think the client may log its self out after a period of time.
after being hit the messenger client goes into some sort of loop sending packets to the server.

normal ymsg:
there is a http charge you can hit normal users with, this will send 8000 byte packets to a victim when released, you can charge a maximum of 300 sockets, not bad for 1 bot.
each socket amounts to a single 8000 byte packet stored on the server when charged.
this has unknown effects because i have not tested it much.


Download Link is removed because this yahoo exploit dont work anymore.
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List Of Websites To Detect The Invisible Person in Yahoo Messenger

Does any one cheating you on yahoo messenger , keeping you in stealth mode so whenever they come online they appears to be offline or invisible in your messenger. Now no more hide and seek , just read the below post and you can detect the invisible person is online in yahoo messenger or not and plus you can grab the display pic of yahoo profile.

yahoo messenger online-offline

There are few conventional methods to detect invisible person on yahoo messenger. Doodle and voice conference methods are very common to find invisible person, but they may or may not work.

Alternate methods are Yahoo Messenger invisible detectors,checkers and scanners. Here’s a list of sites that allows you to find invisible yahoo messenger user.

Detect Invisible Person on Yahoo Messenger

1. YDetector

2. 4Invisible


4. Yahoo Scan

5. Detect Invisible

6. Persian Gap

7. Yahoo-Status

8. IM Visible

9. Invisiable

10. YM Detector

11. Invis

12. Ynvisible

13. Yahoo Detector

14. Yahoo Scan

15. Yahoo Status

16. Invisible Yahoo

17. Scan Yahoo

18. Check Yahoo Status

19. Yahoo Tracer

20. Invisible Detector

21. YM Status

22. Invisible-Id

23. YIM Check

24. Invizibil

25. Meezol

26. Invisible.YahooScan

27. Trung-nam

28. Moozz

29. Invisible-Sanner

30. YM Detector

31. Yahoo Check

32. Buzzu

33. Status-Yahoo

34. Invisible-Scanner

35. Pulso

36. VizGin

You can use any of them and try to detect invisible person on your YIM. I’ve checked them personally with yahoo ids and all are working just perfect. yahoo smiley

Note: Don’t install any third party applications to find invisible user. They may contain vulnerable spywares.

Which one is your favorite? I like ‘Vizgin’ from list.

Have Fun :)

Yahoo Messenger 9 Installation and Trouble Shooting

We know that some of our users are having problems when they try to install the latest version of Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 ( We’re working hard to fix the issue and want to ask for your help.

If you try to install 9.0 and find that it hangs at 99% and the installation never completes, you’re who we want to hear from. If you’re willing to help us troubleshoot the problem, please leave a comment here on the blog. When you comment, include your email address in the form where you can be contacted (note that it won’t be published but we’ll be able to see it). We’ll then contact you with some steps you can take to help us pinpoint the issue.

We know this is a frustrating issue and we’re working hard to get it resolved. If you are experiencing this issue and can help us with debugging it, please comment here on the blog.
If you are experiencing this issue and would like to help us troubleshoot, please follow the instructions in this PDF file and then post your results in a blog comment.


Genocyde's Yahoo Exploit, Booting Source Code Updated

Quote By Original Source Coder Genocyde

This source is probably about 6 years old. I made this so i could change up my strings without having to open vb and compile every time i wanted to test something. It has brought me good luck in the past. You'll have to fix the login if you want it to work now. This is just to give you an idea of what works.

Download The Source Code and Enjoy Yahoo Exploit Factory

Yahoo Messenger 9 Tips and Tricks

Messenger Tips & Tricks

Here are some things you can do with your Yahoo messenger. I will put them in three sections - Easy, Moderate and Hard to show what level of computer knowledge is recommended.

Send a group message

This one is really simple. Just right click on the group title in your contact list and select Send Message to all in this group . Alternatively hold down the Ctrl and left click on the names you wish to send a message to. Once you have hilighted the required names simply right click on a name and select Send a message .

Change webcam status message

Really simple and hardly a secret. Click Login at the top left and then click on Preferences. Once the preferences window has opened click on Webcam in the list on the left. Now on the right at the bottom you should see a box and next to it it says When my Webcam is on, change my status message to . Tick the box and then type the message you want people to see when you have your webcam on.

Change the title bar text

You can change the text that appears in the bar at the very top of the messenger window by simply editting the ymsgr.ini which you will find in the same folder as your messenger. Locate the ymsgr.ini file and open it in notepad or any text editor. Then at the end add the following

caption=YOUR TEXT

changing YOUR TEXT to whatever you want it to say. Then save the file and close messenger. When you restart messenger you will see your new message.

Edit/delete your custom away messages

Please only attempt this if you are confident at registry editting. Click Start and click on Run . In the run window type regedit and press Enter. Once regedit has opened click the following items in the list on the left. You can either double click the folder image or single click on the + sign. First open HKEY_CURRENT_USER then Software then Yahoo then Pager then profiles . Next open the folder for the accounts who's away messages you want to edit or delete. Now open the Custom Msgs folder. In here you will see all the status messages you have set next to a number. The Number_DND bit sets whether it shows you as busy or not with that status. 1 will show you as busy while 0 will not and 2 will set you as idle. The away msg entry is the last away message you used.

Cheers and have fun.

Trick to Open Multiple Yahoo Web Chat Messenger

Just follow the following steps and you will be able to login in Yahoo web messenger ,gmail and orkut with multiple accounts. Through this you will be able to make profiles in your firefox.

Step 1:
Open system properties(by right clicking my computer), choose tab advanced, click to environment variables button. in system variables section, click new. type this information to each textbox.

Step 2:
variable name: moz_no_remote (should be all small letter).

variable value: 1

Step 3:
open firefox icon’s properties(from desktop and quick launch). add extension -p to command line(like “c:\program files\mozilla firefox\firefox.exe” -p). press ok.


Find Invisible Yahoo and Detect Main Yahoo ID Through Web Broswer

Hello Guys,

Here is the Website that helps you find if a particular user is online, offline or invisible …

I remind you again that this is website ….and for this u have not download any software.

Just Enter id and then press enter and after that u will find that that id is online or offline!!!!

and the new thing in this site (Which is very important) is that Main Yahoo ID checker!!!!

We know that we can create 7 profile id in a main Yahoo id , By which anyone can chat with you by 7 ids and make you fool (If you don’t know how to make seven id in yahoo, Post me a comment i will tell you) , So by this site you can check Real/main id of yahoo.

Other thing is that by this site you can check multiple id’s status.For this just click on Multi-Check and then type you yahooid1,yahooid2,yahooid3………..

and the last one is that display Image….means it catch image of yahoo id.Just click on top Display Image Catcher and then enter Yahoo id.

Problem : Sometimes this site not working (Because of server load) so you can use other site

But this site doesn’t have any other features , it only show Status (Online , Offline or Invisible).

Fix Vista Voice For Yahoo Messenger and Yhook

if for some reason you cant get voice on vista or you installed the vista messenger and lost voice with yhook.

then use this tool to correct the problem.

yahoo vista

this will install the yacscom and codec needed for voice chat.

Trick to Unbootable From Yahoo Exploit Using Patched Server

Hello friends i have found below trick from one of reputed forum, you can use this trick in order to be unbootable from yahoo exploit.

It will work with the ytunnel, YTK pro, yazak, yahelite etc 3rd party chat clients

Ok here it is it's been tested and proven to work:

Select this server:

Select this port:

There you go unbootable to the 0x1C exploit.

Have a nice day. Remember to use port 80 or you probably won't be able to connect

Latest Yhook Version Unbootable from Yahoo Exploit

Latest Build of Yhook Chat Client Is Unbootable from yahoo Exploit.

Coder Quote

yhook has something i am testing out for boot stability, i have called this webmode.

you can enable it by ticking "Use Webmode" on the login dialog...
user posted image

at the moment you can only use the main account in this mode, using an alias will disable the webmode and log you into chat normally.

this mode is still being worked into yhook so it may have some bugs, the recent exploits wont hit this mode.
in this mode you can pm users like normal, you cannot type /join, these commands are disabled at the moment, to change room close the chatscreen and relogin to a different chatroom from the login dialog

Webmode is just a different method of sitting in a chat room.
It looks like its going to be restricted to the main id only, alias ids wont join with it for some odd reason.

It will end up having an auto resume feature if the socket does get flooded, you wont leave the room and the socket will auto resume.

Download It

Stepwise Solution to become unbootable !! 100 % working.

use YTK pro for this to work.
1. Make a new id (that will be your main ID).
2. Make a profile ID (alias) of it.
3. Login to the messenger, Use your profile ID to Join the chat room.WHEN THE CAPTCHA WINDOW APPEARS DONT ENTER THE CAPTCHA, wait dont do anything.
4. Open yahoomail of that main id you have created, AND DELETE THE PROFILE.
5.Now back to the captcha window enter the captcha and join the room, Type /Gawd and ytk will come into gawd mode.voila!! you are unbootable.
6. With this method no one will be able to tell your main id.
7. Use some spy id to read chat texts if your id is on the gawd mode!!

Yahoo Exploit Booter Updated

Below are quotes from Coder Dazza

this is an updated version of the first exploit, this version contains an exploit on service 27.
it also has the detect main id from alias exploit included to beat gawd modes.

20 bots using charge server method boots everything for me.

Download Link is removed because this yahoo exploit dont work anymore.
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both service 27 and 28 contain buffer exploits, get them patched while i keep looking for more laughing.gif

the packet...


service 27

by repeating the 3 field with random data in the field it allows the packet to carry a payload of about 9000 bytes


 Download Below

Yahoo Main Account Detector - New Yahoo Exploit

Latest Yahoo Exploit which reveal the main id in datalock or gawd mode.
Now you can easily find the main id and boot it out from the yahoo room.

Thanks to Dazza and MyztiK for this exploit packet

The packet...

Download the Yahoo Main Account Detector Software

Download Link is removed because this yahoo exploit dont work anymore.
For new yahoo exploits check latest posts or use search button

Download Now

Block Yahoo Exploit Packet Using Yhook

Here I am going to share the method you can block the lastest yahoo exploit packet using 3rd party client Yhook.


1. Yhook Chat Client : Go to Yhook Main Forum Download from there.
Download Yhook

2. Main yahoo id with one profile i.e., is also know public alias.
Yhook Cleint

3. Secondary yahoo id with at least one public alias.

How to Setup Unbootable Method in Yhook

1. Login to Yhook using Public Alias and Join the Room

YHooK Client
2. Type The code /datalock this will stop all incoming data to your main id.
Yahoo Exploit3. Go to more settings click on cmode setup,

Cmode Setup
A window will pop out use your secondary yahoo with a public alias and set it

Anti Boot
4. Type code /cmode in main yhook window and press enter, message will appeared chat mode Initialized just fill the captcha and your secondary yahoo id will join the room.
Yahoo Exploit Yhook
After You will fill Captcha of secondary yahoo id you can see the others user text in room.

Yahoo Chat
5. You are now close to unbootable using this method enjoy.

Yahoo Booter

Cheers :)

YTK Pro Admin Begging to Patch Yahoo Exploit

Lol Venom one of admin of YTK Pro is crying to yahoo in order to patch the exploits found by dazza. Its really funny this guys are selling anti boot with tag line "100% Unbootable" for just $13.99 .
Another funny tag line Warning : May irritate Booters ... I think they are irritated more by latest yahoo exploits and they should be because they wana sell there unbootable garbage tool .

Here is Post which was posted by Venom in Yahoo messenger blog


Ehh, if I were you I’d make the new typing notification optional with the option to switch between them.

However, the following bugs have NOT been addressed…

Messenger Bugs:

-The size of the text input area in instant messages isn’t saved.
-Sometimes the instant message window size isn’t saved.
-There is no way to turn off the Messenger tips (in the IM windows) in Messenger, other than a registry key from the v8.1.0.421 build.
-Cannot perform : chat emotes in chats anymore.
-Version registry key under HKCU\Software\yahoo\pager is still stuck as
-Messenger locks up for no reason at times, especially with a captcha visible on screen. Could be possibly due to a bug in yui.dll.

I’d recommend going back to the old system put in place with Messenger v8.1 and before regarding the instant message window size, placement and text input area size.

Now, there’s some server-side problems and exploits you guys should be aware of.

Server-side Issues & Exploits:

-Webcam servers are unstable and sometimes unusable.
-Donkey Punch chat room voice chat exploit.
-0×1C additional conference invite packet exploit which can be used to fill the disconnection buffer queue (the ‘buffer boot’) to disconnect ANY users.
-0×1C additional conference invite packets can be sent over 9K in size due to a bug in service 81 (it can only be sent from the SP1 and AC4 servers) which can disconnect ANY users.
-Users are able to launch denial-of-service attacks on the RTP servers of an individual chat room, which causes ALL users to lose voice chat due to the RTP servers having low bandwidth.

I recommend removing the disconnection rule (buffer) from the servers again like back in May 2008, which essentially ’solved’ the buffer boot exploit going around. I’d also recommend moving all the RTP servers to something that can handle DoS attacks on it.

Comment by Venom — January 12, 2009 #

Dont Buy YTK Pro if you are getting free better alternate Ymhook

Yahoo Messenger 9.0 Version Updated

Today we released a refresh of Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 (version This updated version includes:

- Various bug fixes to address sign-in issues that some users were experiencing. And another fix for a Windows Vista crash that occurred due to a conflict between 9.0 and IOLO anti0virus software.

- A new location for the typing notification message. When you’re in an IM conversation, you’ll notice that the “XXXX is typing a message” notification now appears inline with the conversation up above (rather than at the bottom of the IM window).

- A new version of the offline message window. You’ll now find a distinction between offline messages from friends on your list and those that aren’t, as well as easier spam reporting.

Click below to download and install this latest version of Yahoo! Messenger 9.0:

Trick To Be Safe From Yahoo Exploit Attack

Trick To Be Safe From Yahoo Exploit Attack

Just follow below simple steps and you will not get booted from latest yahoo exploit running these days. The yahoo exploit which attacks is basically a yahoo conference exploit.

In this post I will share the yahoo messenger latest build trick.

  • 1. Open your yahoo messenger click on messenger tab.
  • 2. Click on connections preferences and select Connect via a proxy server.
  • 3. Sign in your Yahoo id in messenger, go to preferences then go to Ignore list and select Ignore anyone who is not on my Messenger list.
  • 4. You will get the yahoo conference invite just ignore then and you are unbootable.

That’s It now you can chat with your added friends and you cannot get disconnect from latest yahoo exploit.


Room Exploiter Which Makes Yahoo Messenger DC?

Last Day My friends are talking about new yahoo booter which kicks the users out in seconds. Well its the same Dazza exploit which is already posted in blog. The exploit source is modified so that it can attack multiple yahoo users. Its been out in various yahoo forums so better check out there and have fun till yahoo patched it.

The Dazza yahoo exploit sends a yahoo conference code and in recent post i will share trick how to not get booted from this exploit.


Download Now!

Yahoo Messenger Disconnect Exploit Code

Thanks To Dazza Coder of Yhook Third Party Yahoo Client for Free Yahoo Messenger DC Exploit Code.

Yahoo Booter maker use it till yahoo patch it ..

Download Link is removed because this yahoo exploit dont work anymore.
For new yahoo exploits check latest posts or use search button


Buffer Booting & Amplification Packet Exploits

Adam and Brock the Authors of YTK are responsible if you are being booted with this exploit. Its just a packet to freeze ur pc. You froze my pc idiots.. Why dont you just hand your socal exploit into Yahoo! Inc and let people carry on enjoying Yahoo Messenger.

Hidden Yahoo Emoticons

Surprise your friends with these hidden characters.

You won't find these in the emoticon menu, but you can send them by typing the keyboard shortcuts directly into your message.

Available Yahoo! Messenger Emoticons (1)
Emoticon Key Combination Description
puppy dog eyes :o3 puppy dog eyes
I don't know :-?? I don't know
not listening %-( not listening
pig :@) pig
cow 3:-O cow
monkey :(|) monkey
chicken ~:> chicken
rose @};- rose
good luck %%- good luck
flag **== flag
pumpkin (~~) pumpkin
coffee ~O) coffee
idea *-:) idea
Available Yahoo! Messenger Emoticons (2)
Emoticon Key Combination Description
skull 8-X skull
bug =:) bug
alien >-) alien
frustrated :-L frustrated
praying [-O< praying
money eyes $-) money eyes
whistling :-" whistling
feeling beat up b-( feeling beat up
peace sign :)>- peace sign
shame on you [-X shame on you
dancing \:D/ dancing
Available Yahoo! Messenger Emoticons (3)
Emoticon Key Combination Description
bring it on >:/ bring it on
hee hee ;)) hee hee
chatterbox :-@ chatterbox
not worthy ^:)^ not worthy
oh go on :-j oh go on
star (*) star
hiro o-> hiro
billy o=> billy
april o-+ april
yin yang (%) yin yang
bee :bz bee
transformer* [..] transformer*