Uber Yahoo Exploit for cs130.msg.ac4.yahoo.com Server

yahoo exploit 130 server
This can boot or disconnect server 130 tested and 100% working

Read the notepad inside the download file in any case i will explain how to use

1 put 50 ids in notepad id - pass <<
2 now login
3 put a room like u see in the pic that format
4 press the id and press join room or with the mouse right side in the id press join room
5 submit the captcha
6 put like more that 25 ids in room
7 boot them all in the server 130 tested and 100% working

Download Uber Yahoo Exploit

Download Link Removed since yahoo exploit is not working

Since Yahoo had made recent changes on server. cs130 AC4 Server is Patched and so this yahoo exploit will not work.

Please read here http://yahoo-exploit.blogspot.com/2009/03/cs130-ac4-server-is-patched.html

Yahoo is closing Briefcase

Dear Yahoo! Briefcase user,

We will be officially closing Yahoo! Briefcase on March 30, 2009. Until then, we are offering you the opportunity to download your files back to your computer. You will need to take action before we close, after which any files remaining on Yahoo! Briefcase will be deleted and no longer accessible.

To access your Yahoo! Briefcase account, click the link below:

If you are a Yahoo! Briefcase Premium subscriber, your current subscription will be canceled on March 30, 2009. We will refund the unused portion of your Premium subscription, if any. The refund will appear as a credit via the billing method we have on file for you. So please make sure that your billing information is correct and up-to-date. For more information, please visit https://billing.yahoo.com.

Yahoo! Customer Support

SuperVox Gold 182 - Yahoo Voice Domination Client

supervox 1.82 crack
Download Latest SuperVox Gold 1.82

This Program is reversed by FLZ and he had made some changes like a flash screen will appear for 90 Seconds and then only this voice domination tool will work. So have little pateince in order to use this free goody. party

SuperVox is a Yahoo chat client that allows you to easily navigate to the yahoo chatrooms and includes the special feature of giving you domination in voice over the other yahoo chatters in voice. In addition, there is a voice lagg feature.

*Note: Its works fine if u guys get You don't have permission, Just register all dll files in c:windows:system 32 and open enjoy.

Download SuperVox Gold 1.82

YmHook 188 - Yahoo Messenger Antibooter

yahoo antibooter

Update of YmHook 188 By Dazza.

Below are quotes from Dazza

It can be booted with a single 6000 byte service 220 packet, dont waste your time with it until yahoo fixes the protocol laughing.gif

Use the web http prog i made, out of all the ways to login to yahoo the http/web in yahoo messenger is the most bootable, 1 packet fucks it up laughing.gif

So yeah don't bother with http mode, its the most bootable way to login laughing.gif

I laugh at certin people who claimed this web/http was solid, i hope nobody paid for that newer program they made because you got scammed the worst laughing.gif

YmHook 186 will only be built to work with Yahoo! Messenger


fixed the issue with auto data-lock enabling when everyone in the room gets booted and leaves.
Added ymsg 102

Download YmHook 188

Share Desktop Using Yahoo Messenger and Unyte Lyte

Cool Application for yahoo messenger users.


Be there, virtually! Easy, fast and free, Unyte Lyte provides 1:1 desktop sharing to Yahoo users. With one click invite contacts from your Yahoo! Messenger list to "see" your desktop. Review homework, play new games, co-browse, edit documents, demonstrate software, give presentations.

Download Unyte Lyte

Download YHook 634 - Unbootable Chat Client With Skins

yhook 634
New update for yahoo best 3rd party antiboot chat client by dazza.

Use the installer to install YHook 634 if you want the maximize and restore button images for the colored skins. Forms now maximize, restore, minimize.

The default skin has changed from black to the windows classic theme, the black skin is now called "Black" in the skin selector box

Sheepmode is gone.
If you still want to use that degraded way of chatting then you will have to select the cs130 server and port 80 in the connection settings.

Download YHook 634

Yahoo is Now Tracking Users with Web beacons

Yahoo is now tracking users with new device called Web beacons


Yahoo is now using something called Web beacon that users may not be aware of. Web pages may contain an electronic file called a web beacon, that allows a web site to count users who have visited that page or to access certain cookies. Yahoo! uses web beacons in the following ways:
Cleaning your cookies or running cleaner programs will not remove or detect this new tracking device You must opt out on each computer and all browsers on that computer.

If you have a Yahoo e-mail account, toolbar or yahoo messenger you may want to opt out
Here is some information on the subject at the Yahoo site

Below is the direct link.


Make DOT Yahoo ID on an Existing Yahoo Account

1. Sign into your account where you want to add the alias

2. Click this link


3. It will ask you to confirm your password.

4. You will come to a page that says Create an extra email address

5. In the Left type in the dot name you want to use.

6. It will create a new email account, IF that name is available.

7. Now when you go to your yahoo account information, you will see that dot name added to your alias.

This will only allow you to make ONE dot name per account. You will only be able to change this if you delete the old dot name and then make a new one.


Old Yahoo Messenger Sounds

They’re easy to get back. Here’s how:

Click this link.

A dialog opens, asking you if you want to Open or Save this file. Click Save.

Another dialog opens asking you where you’d like to save it. To make it easy, just save the file to your desktop.

Double-click the .zip file on your desktop to “un-zip” it. A window opens listing all the classic Messenger sounds! Leave that window open.

OK: now find My Computer—it’s either on your desktop or in your Start menu in the lower left of your screen. Double-click it.

Navigate to C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\Media. Here’s how:

Double-click “Local Disk (C:)”.

Double-click “Program Files”.

Double-click “Yahoo!”.

Double-click Messenger.

Double-click “Media”.

OK, enough double-clicking. Leave the “Media” window open, and move it beside your open .zip window.

In the .zip window, select all the sound files: click the first one, then hold down the shift key and click the last one in the list. Click, hold down and drag this list into the Media window.

A “Confirm File Replace” window opens, asking you if you want to replace the existing files. You do, so click Yes to All.

All right! Done. You can close these windows now… and move the .zip file to your Recycle Bin. The old sounds are back!

YHook 632 Released - Best Antiboot Client

yhook 632

Yhook 632 Supports Skins
To get those colored skins you will have to download the yhook 632 installer, they are now included with the install package.

only the default(black) skin is packaged with yhook via the updater.

YHook 632 Features
  • YHook Best unbootable yahoo client. unbootable client
  • Best Voice Domination Updated voice domination
  • Protect from Voice and Text lagger anti-boot
  • Booter Resistant anti booter*
  • Java Yahoo Chat Client chat cleint
  • Web mode HTTP Client yahoo server
  • Yahoo Room Voice Recorder yahoo recorder
  • Yahoo Full Smiley and Emotions yahoo full smiley
  • Inbuilt Miclocker yahoo mic locker
  • Extra Voice Domination yahoo vc domination
  • Multiple Yhook Skins yhook skins
Download Updated Yhook 632 Free

Yahoo Messenger 9 Song Status Changer

yahoo status
Works only for winamp users
Set your winamp song artist or music title as your Yahoo messenger status.
You can add a comment before and after the title of the song

Fairly complete Yahoo! Messenger 9 support
Winamp status support for Yahoo! Messenger. Nicely put together plugin with easy to use, and useful features.
yahoo winamp status

Y!Amp shows what song you're listening to in Winamp or Last.FM (and soon to be iTunes) in your status on Yahoo! Messenger 6, 7, 7.5, 8 and 9. You can also set a custom message before & after song title/artist, and more!

yahoo winamp

This new version of Y!Amp finally works with Yahoo! Messenger 9, and now supports Last.FM, an application that takes what you’re listening to in nearly any media player and shows it on the Last.FM website. The good thing about this is that if you use Last.FM, Y!Amp can simply use it to show what you’re listening to instead of you having to specify a specific media player, such as Winamp, iTunes, etc. Pretty much, whatever Last.FM supports, Y!Amp supports, if you use Last.FM. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Download the Yahoo Messenger 9 Song Status Changer

If you’re looking for the old version of Y!Amp with fake status support (only works on Yahoo! Messenger 8 and lower), download it here.

yahoo status


Yahoo Tracker - Checks Online/Offline Yahoo Messenger Activity

Yahoo Tracker is a web based free to use service that lets you track the online offline activity of any yahoo id anonymously. The service is still in it's alpha testing version, so you might experience some frequent changes in the coming days. Yahoo tracker is currently tracking or spying upon more than 50,000 yahoo ids that use yahoo messenger. With more than 20,000 users, there was a need to go on dedicated servers. Here is the latest yahoo tracker which is fast, furious and more accurate than ever.

More Faster Yahoo email id Tracker

They have just moved to their own dedicated server. For those who haven’t used yahoo email id tracker uptill now, registeration is free and takes just a few seconds because of their cool easy to use ajax interface. Also their is no email activation. You can track on upto 12 yahoo ids with one account. But, if you want to track on more than 12 ids, you can always open a second account.

Start tracking Yahoo ids for free.

Register here on yahoo tracker for free, and start tracking on Yahoo Messenger Ids.

Yahoo tracker - FAQs

Ques 1. What is Yahoo tracker?

Ans. Yahoo tracker is a web based service that allows you to track online/offline status of your yahoo buddies.

Ques 2. Can i track those who are not in my messenger list?

Ans. Yes you can, your yahoo username and password are not required to use this service.

Some more features about this service--

1. The service tracks the online/offline activity of Yahoo messenger user in previous 24 hours.

We might increase the time period to 1 week in near future.

2. You can track 12 yahoo users with one account. Yes its all free..!!

3. Data will be updated after every 10 minutes automatically.

So, enjoy Yahoo tracker ALPHA by simple registration.

Yahoo! Music LAUNCHcast Plugin For Yahoo Messenger

Upcoming changes to LAUNCHcast Radio

The Yahoo! Music LAUNCHcast plug-in is one of our more popular features, so I wanted to make sure everyone gets the news on upcoming changes to the service, brought to you by our “Rock On!” emoticon \m/.

Starting February 16, CBS Radio will power LAUNCHcast Radio. LAUNCHcast Radio will still be accessible from the Yahoo! Messenger plug-in (as well as the Yahoo! Music website). However, it will be hosted and operated by CBS Radio rather than by Yahoo!.

With this change in service, you’ll still be able to listen to most of your favorite pre-programmed LAUNCHcast stations plus you’ll get access to CBS Radio’s wide variety of local music, news, talk, and sports programming.

Unfortunately, some features will be discontinued. Any custom “My Station” and “Moods” Stations you created will no longer be available. I love the “My Station” I’ve created so I’m really sorry to see this feature go.

If you are currently a LAUNCHcast Plus subscriber, please note that this service and its benefits will also be discontinued a few days earlier on February 12. While you will still have access to LAUNCHcast and CBS stations, all radio stations will be supported by advertising and there will no longer be a commercial-free option. Note that stations that were exclusive to LAUNCHcast Plus users will be made available to all users after the transition.

If you are a Yahoo! user through your internet provider like AT&T or Verizon, you may have been enjoying LAUNCHcast Plus as part of your account without realizing it. So don’t be alarmed if you start hearing commercials after the switch.

As a Yahoo! Messenger user, you don’t need to do anything to your plug-in or to Messenger to continue enjoying LAUNCHcast Radio powered by CBS Radio. The transition will be automatic and is scheduled to occur on February 16. In addition, if you have experienced any bugs with the current LAUNCHcast plug-in, those should go away when the plug-in is updated for the switch. Also note that only users in the US and Canada will be able to access the LAUNCHcast plug-in.

Yahoo Messenger Anti-Boot - YTK Pro

  • What is YTK?
    Yahoo exploit
    YTK Pro is a Security Application that runs alongside Yahoo! Messenger in order to enhance its functionality, remove unwanted annoyances (Adverts) and protect the end user from malicious Instant Message/Chatroom activity such as denial of service (booting). YTK Pro protects your privacy by verifying inbound communications against YTK Pro's privacy settings and an internal ignore and safe list.
  • Anti-Boot
    YTK Pro is hands down the #1 weapon against booting. Hardened from the inside out it's been designed from the ground up to stop booters in their tracks.

    YTK Pro repels Floods & Invite Bombs with ease and is the only product in its class to proactively detect and block new exploits before they have been patched using unique 'Packet Profiling Technology'. In addition YTK Pro protects you in chat when using an alias ID (secondary ID) using Smart Alias Cloaking.

    Flood Cap Control (Unique to YTK Pro) maximises your internet connections ability to aid YTK Pro in repelling attacks.

    Unlike any other product in its class YTK sucessfully repelled the Broadcast Denial of Service attack (aka room boot) by developing a protection scheme dubbed 'Gawd Mode'. Making its debut in 1.0.294, Gawd Mode is triggered as soon as a flood is detected. Gawd Mode was also the only technology to block the WAP Exploit which repeatedly disconnected users and locked their accounts.
  • Anti-Spam
    YTK Uses multiple filter types in order to block SPAMBOTS as they enter the room and it continues to monitor Chatroom Text for SPAM-LIKE material. Our SPAM filters are updated multiple times per week to tackle even the latest tactics used by SPAMMERS. SPAM is NOT an issue for those protected by YTK Pro!

    Text from legitimate users is visible and the chat experience is uninterrupted by unwanted JUNK messages.

    Bots are removed from the 'Userlist'. The 'Ignored Chatters' list can be seen in this image as well as the integrated 'tiny event logger'.
  • Ignore & Safe Lists
    GIB & GSL
    The Global Ignore Bin is a database of Yahoo! ID's which are added in one of the following cases

    1. Manually added by the user using the contextual Chatroom Menu
    2. Manually added using the 'Add' button in the GIB
    3. Added by the Junk Filters or Manually Created Filters
    4. Added by the Anti-Boot Scheme
    5. Contained too many characters as outlined in Chatroom Filtering

    Unlike alternative solutions the GIB can contain an almost infinite number of entries. Thanks to a clutter free interface the addition and removal of ID's is a breeze.

    The Global Safe list is a database of Yahoo! ID's which you manually compile. You select Yahoo! ID's (typically those whom you trust) and add them to this list of 'trusted' identities. This list is exempt from certain filtering as outlines by YTK Pro 'Zones'.
  • File Transfer Protection
    File Transfer Screening
    YTK Pro blocks the transfer of potentially malicious files via Yahoo! Messenger's file transfer using a technology we call FTTS or File Transfer Type Screening.

    This unique technology analyses the file type and blocks those which it deems to be potentially harmful. By default, Windows still hides the extensions of potentially harmful file types like '.exe' leaving you open to the 'double file extension' exploit. This exploit could allow a user to send you a file called mypic.jpg.exe but would only appear on your windows pc as mypic.jpg. Because Windows has hidden the '.exe' part it appears to be a harmless image file. However... it is more than likely malware masquerading as an image file.
  • Voice Anti-Lag

    Voice Auto-Corection System (VAC'S) makes it impossible for your computer to be lagged by malicious Voice Chat users ie. Voice Laggers.

    What is Voice Lag? Voice Lag is the term used to describe an attack on the Yahoo! Voice Conferencing Module which directly results in an application hanging or complete Operating System crash. The VC Sync engine monitors incoming 'voice chat' transmissions and corrects those which are intended to cause Voice Lag.
  • Challenge Integrity Check
    Challenge Integrity Check
    This feature tests to see if the sender of the PM is real or a BOT.

    This system allows YTK Pro to make decisions about a Yahoo! ID. It challenges the sender of the private message with a randomly generated code and requests that the sender reply to the challenge using this code. A human can complete this simple task without any problem. However, an automated user ie. a bot cannot. The end result is you wont get bothered by bots... ever!
  • Plugin Support
    Plugin Support
    YTK Pro is full of features to enhance the enjoyment of chatting. Sometimes letting others know what kind of music you're listening to is a segway to an interesting conversation.

    We've packed YTK Pro full of plugins to assure that it's compatible with your choice in music player.

    Currently YTK Pro supports integration into Winamp, LaunchCAST, iTunes and Windows Media Player. Enabling these plugins is as simple as checking the option in the YTK Menu. You wont find another program that offers more jukebox integration!
  • Intuitive Help
    Intuitive Help
    We're all about making things work easier for you at Torseq Tech. That's why when you come across a feature you're not familiar with you need not worry. Hovering your cursor over the feature checkbox reveals an Intuitive Help Text which explains al that you need to know about that feature. Intuitive Help Text - only in YTK Pro!
  • Event Logger
    Event Logger
    Now is a good time to mention another YTK Pro feature. Keep an eye out for the tiny event logger embedded in the main chat window. You'll see in real-time as YTK Pro adds users to the global ignore bin amongst other events such as booting attempts and Challenge Integrity Tests.
Download Yahoo Messenger Antiboot YTK Pro

Protect Your Yahoo Id From Hacked

yahoo secrets

If you follow below points, you can save your yahoo id from being hacked from noob hackers.

1. Never open any links which which can be fishy or fake pages.

2. Never fill your yahoo details on any web page.

3. Make sure your yahoo password contain alphabets, numbers and special characters so yahoo crackers cant crack your yahoo id easily.

4 . Use secondary email id in your main yahoo id to get back you password if your id hacked.

5. Note down your yahoo details like birthdate, secret answer, zipcode and 5 to 10 your friends yahoo ids, so if you are hacked you can call yahoo messenger customer care and get back your id.

I will Share more yahoo secrets by which you can be save your yahoo id from being hacked.


Yahoo Messenger Call History : Delete it back!

yahoo messenger callWell, either our voice users are very organized or they have super secret calls they’re afraid will be discovered. To that end, we added back in the option to delete items from your call history list in Yahoo! Messenger 9.0.

Click a call to highlight it, then click the delete button above. To select multiple calls for deletion, use ctrl + click. To delete all your call history, click to select one in the list, then press ctrl + a on your keyboard to select them all. Note that we only show the one hundred most recent calls in the window. So if you delete them all, the next time you open that window the next hundred will be there.

And we know some users were experiencing a bug where the call history window was popping up every time you signed in (even if you didn’t have missed calls). We’ve fixed this problem so just sign out of Yahoo! Messenger 9.0, quit the application, then start it again and sign in. You’ll see the call history window one more time but on future sign-ins, you’ll only see it when you have missed calls or a voicemail.

Yahoo Room Flooder and Boot Exploit Updated By Dazza

yahoo room flooder
Yahoo Room Exploit Flooder updated by Dazza. devil
This will boot the whole room in seconds even the latest yazak and yahelite are now bootable.
This version boots out the yazak server cs130.msg.ac4.yahoo.com in seconds.
Try this yahoo room flodder exploit and have fun on yahoo lamers.

Download Yahoo Room Flodder updated version
rock on!
Download Link Removed since yahoo exploit is not working

Since Yahoo had made recent changes on server. cs130 AC4 Server is Patched and so this yahoo exploit will not work.

Please read here http://yahoo-exploit.blogspot.com/2009/03/cs130-ac4-server-is-patched.html

Mac 3.0 Beta 4 Yahoo Messenger now available

yahoo messenger for macYes, Yahoo Macintosh is still in Beta but the yahoo team has been hard at work fixing bugs and adding a few new features. Here’s a rundown of what’s in this latest release, Yahoo! Messenger for Mac 3.0 Beta 4 (build 156957):

- Over three dozen bug fixes addressing a variety of features including file transfer, display images, voice, chat rooms, stealth settings and webcam.

- Added clearer messaging when receiving anonymous messages from your Pingbox (

- Added a preference to separately enable/disable archiving for chat room conversations. Go to Preferences > Messaging and check the “Enable Yahoo! Chat Room Archiving” box

- When you report an IM as spam, it also adds the sender to your ignore list

- To cancel automatic sign in when you’re launching Yahoo! Messenger for Mac, hold down the SHIFT key

- Various performance and memory bug fixes

- Added a new message style called “Kobi lite”. To try it out, go to Preferences > Messaging, then change the Conversation style.

Download Yahoo! Messenger for Mac 3.0 Beta 4

We hope you enjoy this latest version. We value your input so please stop by our Mac feedback form after you’ve tried it out and let us know your thoughts.

Y!TunnelPro easy-to-use, integrates and enhances Yahoo! Messenger

yahoo antibooterY!TunnelPro provides enhancements and protection for users of Yahoo! Messenger. This includes enhanced privacy settings for all aspects of Messenger, yahoo boot code filtering, visual enhancements, SPAM Filtering, and full integration into Latest Yahoo! Messenger 9 versions.

Y!TunnelPro also includes several features such as auto-completion of user names, SPAM Challenge user verification for instant messages and major additions that integrate with Yahoo! Messenger.

Some of the features included with Y!TunnelPro include:

Easy to use!
Select the filtering options you want and Y!TunnelPro does all the work.

Yahoo! Messenger Integration.
Y!TunnelPro integrates with Yahoo! Messenger allowing quick and easy access to commonly used features.

Unequaled Chat Protection!
Places a barrier of protection between you and abusive users. This helps protect you against boots, invite conference bombs, yahoo text chat lags.

Duplicate text and flood filtering.
Not everyone uses proper netiquette when participating in chatrooms. Repetitive messages, "screen clears", and flooding of chatrooms with random messages are filtered so you don't see them.

Enhanced privacy.
Y!TunnelPro includes privacy features that go beyond those included with Yahoo! Messenger. Enhanced privacy allows you to decide if you want to receive private messages and invites from people on your buddy list, people in chatrooms, and from people that you do not know.

Font and Text Effects Filtering.
Effects such as fading and alternating text colors and large fonts can disrupt chatrooms and in some cases can make if very difficult to read the text of the sender. Y!TunnelPro can optionally filter the senders text to remove these settings.

Spam-bot blocking.

Y!TunnelPro aggressively monitors the content of private messages sent by other users and will automatically block messages that appear to be generated by an automated "spam" bot.

Enhanced chatroom and private message windows.
Y!TunnelPro can optionally enlarge the chatroom and private message text entry area and the list of users participating in the chatroom making it easier to enter text and see who is in the chatroom.

Ad Remover.
Remove unwanted and possibly offensive ad banners from chatroom and webcam windows.

Download YtunnelPro

After downloading the Ytunnelpro please follow below simple steps in order to make it work perfectly.

1. Make a folder name Digital Asphyxia in Program files ( example C:\Program Files\Digital Asphyxia)

2. Extract the Download folder under Digital Asphyxia and save all files.

3. Open YTPro exe, a splash screen will pop out and you are done with ytunnelpro installation.

*If download link is not working please comment or email me at gaur4v@live.in

Room Booter Flooder Yahoo Exploit By Dazza

Ok Guys here is the room yahoo exploit from Dazza which disconnects almost everyone out from yahoo chat room. It will disconnect all chat clients within seconds use 100 or more bots for better results. Have fun until yahoo patches this room yahoo exploit.

yahoo room exploit


Its pretty simple, load your bots about 100. Login the chatbot to get the roomlist, safelist your mates and hit the charge server next to the roomlist. wait 30 seconds and hit release. If there are any left charge and release once more just to be sure they are all on cs130 server. Amazing thing is safe list, so your id or your friend id wont dc and left the room.

Download RoomList Flooder By Dazza
Download Link Removed since yahoo exploit is not working

Since Yahoo had made recent changes on server. cs130 AC4 Server is Patched and so this yahoo exploit will not work.

Please read here http://yahoo-exploit.blogspot.com/2009/03/cs130-ac4-server-is-patched.html

Ripper version of Room Yahoo Exploit

Here is the ripper version of above yahoo exploit tool.

yahoo room exploit


NOTE: Must First Show Room Bot from Top Menu, Then Login a ID (Note open the Bots already logged in) And Join the Room you wish to Attack!
-If Room Bot in Room you are able to Tick the option to Charge an Release Multi Victim Boot the whole Room List the Room Bot has!!
-Y Crash Quick Boot, One Logged in bot per Victim Sends Y! open pm crash exploit, to crash a open pms yahoo user! For Each user on the Room Bot Room List!
-Kill Room Users!

Download Link Removed since yahoo exploit is not working

Since Yahoo had made recent changes on server. cs130 AC4 Server is Patched and so this yahoo exploit will not work.

Please read here http://yahoo-exploit.blogspot.com/2009/03/cs130-ac4-server-is-patched.html

Enjoy and keep visiting.