Trick- Hold Mic in Yahoo Chat Room

Okay I am writing this because i got valuable traffic from keyword domination, hold mic, etc. So as i spent 3 years on yahoo software’s lol, but now due to my studies and work i just spent some free time on yahoo like chatting with my close friends and playing some songs in yahoo chat room. When ever i go to some new room and hold the mic and play songs, the chatters of particular room just ask me hey how u hold this mic.

I will just discus about holding the mic in yahoo chat room more often known as voice domination yahoo anti software world.

Yahoo allow some specific time to hold the mic and after your time over it will be send to the next user who wana say some thing on mic. In order to hold the mic yahoo anti soft programmers like dubee, dazza, markus, asr etc has developed there voice control software’s.

Voice Domination software are mainly categorized in to 3 categories.

1. Mass ignore Softwares ( Mass igy: Use Multiple yahoo ids and you can put multiple voice in yahoo room).

2.Third Party Yahoo Voice Domination Clients ( Single Id login can over power simle yahoo messenger users) Clients having voice domination are svox, sniper, ysupra etc.

3. Yahoo messenger support programs like ytunnel, ytkpro etc which have in built mic locker and voice domination feature.

Just google it and find the software’s, my recommendation would be svox and ysupra which you can find in my blog

Comment here if you want me to put some softwares if you guys are unable to find i will mail to your email addresses, just write down the emails while commenting on post.


Spy on Yahoo Ids - Multi Invisible Checker and Yahoo Webcam Checker

There are many online websites which helps you to spy on your added yahoo messenger buddy's or enemies. I found the below software from one of popular yahoo forum and i thought of sharing with you friends. The name of program is online checker gold and it is reversed by FLZ. So you guys don't need to pay the 10$ bucks from your pocket.

webcam spy checker

Ii will check the online status, offline or invisible ( person who had put your yahoo id in invisible) and webcam checker ( you can accurately check whether the yahoo web cam is on or off).

Its very simple to use:

1. Login your bot id and password.

2. You can spy single friend

3. you can spy list of friends

Note: Dont use more that 12 yahoo ids simultaneously to check the invisible status of added yahoo ids in your yahoo messenger.

Just install the below download link installer and it will work like charm

Download Online Checker Gold

Yahoo Trick to change your security question

Ever wondered if there was a WAY to change your security questions on a yahoo email ID?

No problem here is the way.

Just follow this steps and get the screen like this when you log in next time in your ID.

yahoo account info trick

Follow this Steps Carefully.

1 Click the Link given below.

2. When you go to My Yahoo Screen Sign in there with your ID

3. Go in your yahoo Email

4. Go in your yahoo Account Info from there

5. Log Out

6. Log in again and you are done with that Above screen which gives you option to change your alternate email and choose your New Security Questions and Answers.

Alternate Methods -1

If you want to change your secret question u must answer 1st your old yahoo question here the link:


Alternate Methods -2

1) Click this link leave it on "I forgot my password" click Next when it asks if you can access your alternate email address select "I cannot access this".

2) Answer the questions (Birthdate, Country, Zip or Postal Code)

3) Last step change your Secret questions and click Save then click Next.

Download Tap Out Version 6.2 Yahoo Booter

yahoo tap out booter

This is simple put your bots in the username.txt like so id:pass

once done open program it will auto load your bots

register the dll & ocx once you have that done your all set

Yahoo Room dc works when it wants to but works well when it does

The Yahoo messy options work pretty good enjoy

Download Tap Out Version 6.2 Yahoo Booter

War of SBooter - Ressurection By Psycho666

yahoo exploit booter

War of Sbooter - Yahoo Booter with many exploits to hit the yahoo messenger and various yahoo third party chat cleints.

Following list of yahoo exploits which hits yahoo related clients.

1. Yahoo Messenger Buzz! Exploit . Login 30 bots and it will hit all official yahoo messenger version with Pm open.

2. Yahoo Messenger Dc. Disconnects the yahoo messenger silently sending the conference exploit packet.

3. Error C : Work on Yahoo Messenger

4. Fast Crash exploit. works on yahoo messenger all builds

5. Freeze yahoo Exploit. Hangs the Victim Pc

6. Yahoo tunnel Exploit. Hits the yahoo messenger protected by yahoo tunnel.

7. YTK Exploit. Hits the yahoo messenger protected by YTK Pro.

8. N05 Client Exploit

9. Y!Heaven Exploit

10. Yazak Exploit

11. Y!elite Exploit

12. YmLite Exploit

13. Yhook Exploit

14. YM 8 DC

15. YM 9 DC

16. Chat room Lagg and Booter.

Download the War of Sbooter

Y!Supra UpDate ( Blocks Yahoo Conference Exploit )


YMSG version 102 which blocks the new conference exploit and allows cloak mode
Added: Protocol preferences
Improved: More forms are now created dynamically to optimize memory usage
Improved: Threads that controlled the gui have been remove to help prevent access violations
Fixed: Knock

Download Ysupra Update!Supra.rar

Yahoo Exploit dropper

This Yahoo exploit program uses dazza ymsgdc login SSL
use 60 bots -100 bots

yahoo exploit booter

Tested it now its takes little bit time to login..but wait for 10 sec after u click login...when i did ,half of my bots loaded and i clicked " retry failed bots" then all bots got loaded...its working fine and yahoo exploit booter is still perfect.

Bots Not Login

Put YMSG13.dll in your C:\Windows\System32 folder. May need a reboot after doing so, then try the bots. Also keep it in the folder the proggy is in.

Download Yahoo Exploit dropper Dropper.rar

Dazza Room Exploit Disconnect Updated

Here is the latest update of room exploit dc, you can disconnect various clients like yahelite, yazak, ymlite, yhook etc with this updated room yahoo exploit disconnect.

Below is the picture to proof that this yahoo room exploit is working.

dazza room dc

Instruction to use dazza room dc exploit are:

1. Use not more than 60 bots
2. when u login the bots make sure dont charge the server immedietly.
3. after charging the yahoo server give atleast 10 seconds and then hit the room exploit to the yahoo chat room.

This Yahoo Booter is Patched and it is not working . please use search box to find the updated yahoo booters

Download Y!Supra Version: 1.0.042

  1. -Added:Sixty second update wait
  2. -Adeded:Memory usage is now trimmed whenever the application idles for one minute
  3. -Added: Notification for the number of user that have disallowed voice to the current on-air user
  4. -Improve:Multimedia now playing preferences for Winamp
  5. -Improved:Some form are now created dynamically to optimize memory usage
  6. -Improved:Voice protocol
  7. -Fixed:Account locked notification wasn't being displayed
  8. -Fixed:Thread synchronization in filter log and packet analyzer
  9. -Fixed: Voice on-air users being ignored when acquiring voice
  10. -Fixed:Chat user list disappearance bug
Download Y!Supra Version: 1.0.042!Supra.exe

Yahoo Messenger Exploit Tool Pack By FLZ

Relax Chat Version 9

Yahoo 3rd party Chat Client + Voice Domination + Boot Protection

yahoo relax chat client

What's New in 9.0:

1- New Login System (Web-Mode)

2- Voice Refresh Fixed

3- Get Chatters List Fixed

4- New Captcha Form Added

Download Relax Chat Version 9 Chat 9.0.exe

Conference Chat Client 4.0

conference chat client

What's New in 4.0:

1- Voice Problem Fixed

2- Chat Text Receiving Fixed

3- Mute Voice Added

4- Refresh Voice Added

5- Auto Voice Iggy Added

6- Menu With Servers Selection Added

Download yahoo Conference chat client Chat Client.exe

The Voice Domination 3.5

voice domination

1. Added login servers combo box
2. Voice domination function improved
3. Right click is for Ignore/unignore users

Download Voice Domination Exploit Voice Domination.exe

Yahoo! Voice Freeze 5.5

yahoo voice freeze

1. New Method For Send Freeze Packets added
2. Voice Refresh Fixed
3. Right click is for Ignore users

Download yahoo Voice Freeze 5.5! Voice Freeze 5.5.exe

Make Multiple Yahoo Ids - Yahoo Id Maker

A nice yahoo tool which help you to make multiple yahoo ids , you can use multiple yahoo ids for your organization to keep in touch with your employees. It a very easy yahoo id maker tool with 20 sec u can make a 5 yahoo ids rather than visiting a yahoo registration page.

yahoo multiple id maker

Due to a change to the Yahoo! mail registration page, YCC Yahoo! Bot Maker is now at version 2.4.0. This version fixes the “unknown” error message displayed after a CAPTCHA has been entered. Another minor change is that random domains are now turned on my default. All previous versions will have to be updated in order to create accounts again.

Download Yahoo Multiple ID Maker Yahoo Bot Maker

Tweet Away Your Messages using Yahoo Messenger

How to use twitter with Yahoo Messenger 9 ? With WackyB Twitter Sync plugin, now you can send Twitter messages via Yahoo messenger 9 without the need log into Twitter every now and then.

WackyB’s main features are - It keeps your Messenger status and Twitter in synchronization with each other. By changing your Yahoo! Messenger status updates your your Twitter automatically!

yahoo messenger twitter plugin

Twitter-Sync is a new plug-in from WackyB that lets you keep Twittering away when using your favorite Instant Messenger :)
It's main features are:

1) Keeps your Messenger status and Twitter in synchronization with each other.

2) Changing your Yahoo! Messenger status updates your your Twitter automatically!

3) Update your Yahoo! Messenger status from anywhere in the world! Messenger status automatically updates to show your latest Twitter!

4) See your friends latest Twitters right in your messenger window...

5) Expanded window shows the last 10 Tweets from you and your friends.

6) Alerts and notifications for new Tweets received.

7) Twitter-Sync will NOT update your status if you are currently Invisible. 8) Lots of options to configure Twitter-Sync how you want!.

Download Yahoo Messenger Twitter Plugin

Yahoo Messenger Tips To Protect Your Online Privacy

Yahoo Messenger, also popularly known as it’s initial YM, is one of the most used messenger applications available today. But having said that, it has also become a platform for yahoo spammers and malicious users to spread unsolicited information containing links to web based promotional materials, spam blogs, web pages encoded with malware and latest yahoo exploits, and even real yahoo hackers that will try to take information from you.

The guys from Yahoo! recognize this issue. With a little button click and Yahoo messenger tinkering, you should be able to block all unwanted people or yahoo bots from sending you messages. First I will show you how to block individual YM addresses. If you don’t want to receive messages from a specific YM user, follow the steps below. Click the Messenger menu then choose Preferences.

yahoo messenger tips

The Yahoo Messenger Preferences window will show and under the category called “Ignore List” choose “Ignore only the people below” then click the add button:

yahoo privacy

Enter the Yahoo Messenger address of the person you want to block then click the “Ignore” button

stop yahoo spam

Click the OK button to save the changes.

block yahoo spam

After adding the YM address of the person on the ignore list, you will not receive messages from this person. You can always remove the YM address from the ignore list if in case you want the person to be allowed to send you messages.

An even more restrictive way to block unwanted yahoo messages is to allow only people from your contact list to send you messages. You can do this by choosing the “Ignore anyone who is not on my Messenger List” option.

safe yahoo chat

With the yahoo messenger tips mentioned above you should be able to block unwanted yahoo messenger contacts from sending you malicious yahoo exploits and spam messages.