Yahoo! Messenger 1.2.2 now available for iPhone

Thanks to everyone who has been using and providing feedback on our latest version of Yahoo! Messenger for the iPhone.
Based on your helpful input, we’ve made lots of updates to this version which is now available in the iPhone App Store. Here’s what’s new / changed:

No more Idle status
Now when you exit the Yahoo! Messenger app on your iPhone but are still signed in, you’ll show as available to your friends rather than Idle. We agreed – showing up as idle didn’t make great sense since you want people to IM you.
Buzz got better
Ok, not every feature off the blocks is perfect and this one took some tweaking. In this version we’ve refined the Buzz notification sound and added a preference to turn Buzz on or off in the event you don’t want to use it (under Settings).
We also added vibrating notifications when you send or receive a Buzz. And if you’re in a conversation with someone and another friend buzzes you, you’ll see a notice on the screen.
New notification sound
Oh your bleeding ears! We heard you didn’t like the new IM notification sound so we changed it up a bit. Karl the engineer describes it as “shorter and prettier”. We hope you agree.
Fixed the address book integration
The iPhone address book integration faltered in our last version so we fixed it in 1.2.2. Now when you’re composing a new SMS for example, you’ll be able to access numbers in your iPhone address book, not just in Yahoo! Messenger.
We also tweaked a few things to address some bugs, crash and login issues.
To download the latest version of Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone (v1.2.2) that includes these updates, go to the iTunes App Store or tap the App Store icon on your iPhone and search for Yahoo! Messenger. If you already have Yahoo! Messenger installed, you may also have an update alert for the app.
As always, please use the Report Problem feature in the app if you run into any issues. You’ll find it under “Settings” in the Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone app.

Yahoo! Messenger 10 Beta Tips for making video calls

Hopefully many of you have been able to try out the new video call feature in Yahoo! Messenger 10 Beta. We’ve heard from some of you that you’re enjoying it, but we’ve also heard that some are having problems with the feature. Here is a short FAQ about video calling in Yahoo! Messenger 10, including some troubleshooting steps to take if you are having issues.
Is there a minimum set of requirements that I need to meet before I can make video calls?
Yes, there are and you can see the complete list of requirements on our help page. Below are a few tips for ensuring the best video call experience:
- A computer with the Windows XP operating system or later, a 1 GHz CPU processor and 512 MB of RAM.
- Broadband Internet connection speed: Minimum of 300 Kbps download and 128 Kbps upload.
- Video card: Minimum of 96 MB memory.
- Webcam: Follow manufacturer instructions for ensuring proper webcam installation, including the use of the installation CD.
- Be sure you have the latest version of Microsoft DirectX® installed.
To test whether your webcam will work with our video call feature, go to our webcam detection help page.
I meet the minimum requirements. Can I start my video call?
Yes but we advise you that you go through the recommended steps to make your first video call. This can help you avoid most issues or problems. For example, make sure you run the video and voice call setup wizard before you place your first call. You’ll find it under Messenger > Preferences > Video & Voice Devices > “Open Video and Voice Setup” link.
Why is the Video Call button greyed out in my IM window?
Video calling is only available to users on Yahoo! Messenger 10. You and your friend both need to have Yahoo! Messenger 10 installed to make video calls. If your friend is not sure of their version, tell them to go to Help > About Yahoo! Messenger and check the version number. If they’re not on 10, they can download it from the Yahoo! Messenger website.
Why does my video call hang up after ringing for several seconds with no answer?
There is no voicemail available for video calls. As a result, your call will ring and then automatically hang up if no one answers after several seconds.
I have my webcam connected – however, the Video and Voice Setup instruction within Messenger cannot detect my Webcam?
To diagnose this issue, please try the following:
1) Connect your webcam to the computer and go to the webcam detection page.
2) If you are unable to see your own video at the above link, please follow instructions from your webcam manufacturer’s installation CD to install the webcam drivers. This should fix your webcam detection problem that you are facing. If you no longer have the CD, visit the manufacturer’s website; they typically offer the latest drivers in their support section.
3) If you are able to see your own video then please submit your messenger diagnostic logs for us to debug the issue. Get instructions on how to submit your logs
My friend’s video does not appear (window appears black) during a video call
There could be several reasons why your friend’s video does not appear during a video call. First, ensure that your friend is also on Yahoo! Messenger 10 Beta. If they are but their video still does not appear, then please ask your friend to follow the instructions here to help figure out the problem.

We appreciate your patience and help in making sure that our new Beta can work with as many webcams as possible. Thanks,

Download Yahoo! Messenger 10 Beta, Officialy Released by Yahoo

What All New in New Yahoo Messenger 10

Enhanced video calling
Feel like you’re there with high-quality, full screen video and voice calling
Keep up with what your friends are doing
See your friends’ latest updates from Yahoo!, Flickr, Twitter and more with the new “Updates” view
Improved language support
Change your preferred language in Yahoo! Messenger with just a few clicks

Features of Yahoo Messenger 10
  • New “Y! Updates” view of your contact list
  • Find more to chat about
  • All-new Yahoo! Insider
  • Change your language easily
  • New ways to sort your contacts
  • New icons in the IM window
For More Info Read Yahoo Messenger Blog :

Download the Yahoo Messenger 10
From Yahoo Server :
Mirror link :

Working yahoo messenger pic

Yahoo Chat Room Auto Exploit Booter

Yahoo Booter Version : Newbie Cleaner-V.4 By Tadpole

yahoo chat room exploit

First thing to do


B: Open program load a list of bots to use for one bot option pick a bot from list

C: click connect

D: Join a chat room

E: pick your option to exploit user or exploit room

F: if useing the yahoo exploit room option check the room auto it will kill the room up

Note: for yahoo messy users only not for 3rd party yahoo clients enjoy!

watch The Live Video , how it is disconnecting the yahoo chat users in yahoo chat room

Download Here: Cleaner-V.4.rar

Now with Yahoo Messenger Share Twitter Updates

Did you know that you can easily share your Twitter updates with your Yahoo! Messenger friends, even if they aren’t following you?

yahoo twitter

The updates feature in Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 allows you to share updates from a variety of outside sites and services with your Yahoo! friends.

When you elect to share your latest Twitter tweets with anyone, friends that have you on their Messenger contact list will be able to see them.

To start sharing your Twitter activity with your Messenger friends, first go to the Share More page on your profile and select Twitter from the list. You’ll be asked to enter your Twitter username. (Note that if you don’t see Twitter in the Share More list, you may already be sharing your updates. In that case, move onto the next step below.)

Then go to the Manage My Updates page. Find Twitter in the list and choose one of three options from the drop-down menu:

Anyone – Your latest tweets will be shared with anyone who is connected to you on Yahoo!. That means friends on Yahoo! Messenger or friends that you’ve connected with on your Yahoo! profile.

My Connections – Your tweets are only shared with people you have explicitly connected with via your Yahoo! Profile.

No one – Your tweets will not be shared with any Yahoo! friends.

To share your tweets with all of your Messenger friends, be sure you select “Anyone” from the menu. Your latest tweet will appear under your name in their Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 contact list or on your contact card.

Happy tweeting!

Yahoo Messenger 6.0 to 7.5 versions to retire in early September

A couple of months ago, we told you that we would be retiring Yahoo! Messenger versions 6.0 through 7.5 this August. Well, you have a bit more time as we have pushed this out until early September.

This means that if you are currently using a version of Yahoo! Messenger that is below 8.0, you will no longer be able to sign in and use it after the retirement date in early September.

If you are using a version that is set to retire, you have several options for continuing to use Yahoo! Messenger:

Option 1: Download the latest version for Windows
You can use Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 which offers enhanced security as well as better protection from spam. It was even voted the best overall client in the 2009 IM Awards. 9.0 also includes more advanced features like voice calling, free mobile text messaging (SMS), as well as the ability to IM with friends that use Windows Live™ Messenger.

Option 2: Use Yahoo! Messenger for the Web
If you can’t use the latest version mentioned above, you can always sign in to Yahoo! Messenger for the Web from any web browser. No extra download or installation is required. With our web version, you can send IM’s as well as SMS text messages to your friend’s mobile phones for free. Our web version also includes anywhere archiving, allowing you to access your message history from any computer or browser. Try it now at

Option 3: Use the built-in IM feature in Yahoo! Mail
Both versions of Yahoo! Mail offer a built-in feature that lets you send and receive IMs. If you’re using the all-new Yahoo! Mail, just click the status menu next to your name in the upper header and change your status to “Available”. This will sign you into Yahoo! Messenger (you also have the option of staying invisible). IM conversations occur in separate tabs within your Mail page.

In Yahoo! Mail Classic, you’ll see a module on the left hand side of the page labeled “Chat & Mobile Text”. Click on the status menu in that module to change to “Available” (or Invisible). IM conversations will show up in a small box in the lower right corner of your Yahoo! Mail Classic page (but it won’t interfere with your Mail messages or using Mail).

As an alternative, there are also solutions available for your mobile phone. We recently launched Yahoo! Messenger for the iPhone and additionals versions are available for other mobile handsets. Find out more

And remember, no matter what version you migrate to, your contact list always goes with you. As the date gets closer, we’ll remind you again here on the blog and provide the final date for retirement.

Working Yahoo Exploit Booter Pack

Sharing two yahoo booters, all posted exploit booters are tested by me and its working till now.., booters are only for fun purpose so use it as fun.

Single id yahoo exploit booter

yahoo booter

This exploit booter disconnect most of version yahoo messenger and third party yahoo cleints like yazak, yahelite, ysupra etcc

This is single id yahoo login supported booter.

change the servers "" to others servers if your bot disconnect or if dont disconnect the victim messenger.

For example you can use manualy servers like,, .... till

Just try it and yiu will love it .... very power full and stront exploit packet.

Multiple yahoo login booter - Silent death booter by indra

yahoo booter

Login 50 working yahoo ids and connect it.

Sends pm packets to victim message box.
Yahoo messenger version 8 and 9 exploit packet to disconnect or freeze victim messenger.
yahoo file sharing exploit
In bulit invisible checker to check the online and offline yahoo id

Working pic of booter

yahoo booter

Download the Working Yahoo Exploit Booter Pack

Dragon War v 9 build 1 Free By FLZ & NMR

Thanks to FLZ and NMR for making this paid yahoo soft free for all

What is new in this version ?
Booter :

1 - Added new Exploit call Invalid Booter which can dc many clients
2- added Ghost Login to avoid losing of ids while booting
ChatClient :
1- added new protection against new exploits in ignore mode protection
2- Allow to join room using spy without login ur main id to use h-freeze and laggy option
3- Auto disconnect all dragon war v8 in room
4- added new chat rooms servers for many countries

First run DW9 EmuCrack By NMR.exe

Click Enable Key

After that you should get this

dragon war boote

Now open the Dragon war9.exe
Type any username and key (Don't leave one field missing text)

dragon war booter

dragon war boote

dragon war boote

Download Dragon War Version 9