Send any file to yahoo victim: SENDIT Yahoo Exploit

This booter is made by Jammer and below comments are of authors. This yahoo exploit booter is working at the time of posting and it crashes all versions of yahoo messenger..

Jammer Comments on "SENDIT Yahoo Exploit Booter"

"OK this uses dazzas login method(ymsg15)

this will allow you to upload and forcefully make them accept any file u want up to 2 gig in size and then it will send a crash packet to end there messenger session clearing any tracks being played by uploading anything.

this is a pretty mean exploit man i must say and because i am sick of yahoo and have had this for a long time now i decided to post it for everyone to have fun with,

So have fun
How to use
1.login yahoo bot the file and then it will send automatically
3.Then sends crash packet and close the application.

Download Sendit Yahoo Exploit Exploit.rar

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