Download Yahoo Booter 2010: Raid Version XVIII

Raid Version XVIII Reversed By FLZ

Raid 18 has been completely overhauled and done from scratch with Delphi instead of Visual Basic.

This vastly improves performance and speed and cuts memory usage.

I cut back on the number of booting options because, simply put, I wanted to add the options that
actually work these days. Quality over quantity so to speak.

The account locker was made for the sole purpose of yahoo messenger. In testing, I was able to
successfully lock my personal yahoo account out of messenger for 12 hours with lock option

1. Lock option 2 worked about 50% of the time as it is a completely different method than
option 1.

Now to the yahoo client boot options...

Client Boot 1 is for any client NOT logged into the 102 protocol, and can also be used for yahoo messenger

As you will notice, I added the ability to boot the old way and to boot using charge/release for every boot
option. This was vitally important to Client Boot 2. For  Y!supra 102, I  recommend open 2 instances of
Raid and loading around 200 bots in one and 200 in another. In one, charge the client boot 2 option(Dont release yet).

In the other one, just use the regular boot with client boot 2 and send 1000+ packets. Now while that one
is booting the victim, hit release on the other instance. If you have a high enough internet connection
speed, this will fill the victim's buffer and they will get disconnected. This method will work on any client
that uses the 102 protocol. The key is filling the victim's buffer.

IMPORTANT: If you are getting banned easily, SLOW YOUR LOG IN DELAY DOWN TO AT LEAST 2000 MS!!!

Download Yahoo Booter 2010:  Raid Version XVIII

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