Dazza Yahoo Room Boot Exploit

Dazza Yahoo Room Boot Exploit

Dazza Room booter disconnects and hits all yahoo 3rd party clients. It can boot YSupra and all other clients

Dazza Room Booter:

1. Disconnects al yahoo messenger versions from 11
2. Boot Ysupra and YEpic
3. Boot Yahoo Chat room

Download Dazza Yahoo Room Boot Exploit


Anonymous said...

this is off topic but lets make this clear so every one can understand hey!!!!

1. Yahoo could stop this easily by making sure you have authenticated on its network before issuing a chat join packet just the same way they do when you login into mail, you have to have the reuqired Y & T cookies.

2. They cant really change the way you request a challange string because thats a initial part of the authentication process issued by yahoo when they send the challange string to you.

3. They should require the full cookies issued by them when you send the login packet to obtain your user list(this would conjest there bandwidth but hey its more secure).

4. Any one using a common user field such as 1-0-7-4-2-89-83-216 and many other which all relate to the users name with out the said data above should be IP banned instantly(this is like trying to send a PM Packet as someone).

5. Also one you have authenticated on there network then they need to have a crumb or some encrypted string of some sort(not using standardized base64) in side each and every packet that identifies that user to there token or subset string from there cookies.

This is pretty funny how it works because you send a challange request and then quickly a chat join straight after and then d/c the socket making yahoo think it was you that sent the chat join packet and then you d/c, Hence the reason its not a booter just a chat room remover as you arnt officially booted of there service.

To even allow data to be transmitted over there network with out having the auth process finalized is stupid.

Anonymous said...

In fact if you log in to there service with said IP and then some one tries to send something as you with another IP then BANG,there connection to all yahoo relates services should be dropped immediately, so its simple mate that's the fix.(hence the word Authentication(through means of GEO Location) and cookies)

Wouldnt you agree?

think of ISP network association then it all becomes incredibly clear

Anonymous said...

There is a room boot exploit going around right now capable of removing all users in a chat room. There's nothing YTK can do to prevent this exploit as it's server-side and is capable of kicking entire rooms regardless of the client/companion you use. Gawd Mode is also no defense for this exploitation.

Yahoo is perfectly aware of this exploit and acknowledged a week ago claiming to have a fix for it however it hasn't been pushed out. Today, this response from Yahoo was received...


This is a known issue that other customers have also reported. Our product team is currently developing enhancements to Yahoo! Chat that should resolve this issue. These enhancements should be available sometime during 2011, across multiple versions of Yahoo! Messenger.

Sometime in 2011?!?! That means this exploit could go unpatched for some time to come, months even! This does nothing to help the countless users displaced by this exploit in the short term - I can only imagine what effects this will have on their services as their Yahoo! Chat users finally get fed up of the exploits being used and leave to use other ways to chat (Paltalk, CamFrog, Win Bus, etc.).

Personally, this action on Yahoo's behalf is the nail in the coffin for me so to speak. I now totally refuse to use Yahoo! Chat at all anymore due to the total neglect and stupidity on Yahoo's part regarding the handling of this exploit. If you're being personally effected by these exploits on a massive scale, then I urge you to send Yahoo e-mails regarding the exploit in effort to get it patched sooner than later before it's too late and the damage becomes done.

Be that as it may, I have to recommend to everyone to avoid using Yahoo! Chat at all costs if you can, especially if you frequent room with these exploits actively being used.

Anonymous said...

well i respect chat clients but i prefer yahoo messy and i have my reasons.

Anonymous said...

squirrel_nut_zippers says you guys are baboons.Yahoo! messy is totally unbootable.You people rely on the integrity of total strangers to access your p/c.True,I don't know the dopes at yahoo personally,but, alas...they do have a multimillion dollar enterprise. What do chat client developers have? NOTHING! Have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

I would like to download this booter, but need to know if it's patched yet. Can someone please let me know? Thank you for your time.


Anonymous said...

This is patched

Anonymous said...

Ok thanks