Download Y!Supra Version

Download Y!Supra Version

Updates of YSupra contains;

- Added: A new method to detect porn bots in chat has been implemented.
- Added: New servers for the deactivation checker.
- Added: The ability to automatically prune ignore lists has been added.
- Added: The new smilies in Yahoo Messenger 11 have been added
- Added: Two new heuristics for detecting porn bots have been implemented
- Added: When a cookie for an account that is online expires, a new cookie is obtained. This action has been taken to prevent issues with file tranfers and the email launcher.
- Fixed: An error caused by setting focus on a disabled object in the alert console has been fixed.
- Fixed: An access violation that sometimes occurred in the room list form has been fixed.
- Fixed: A bug in ghost mode has been rectified.
- Fixed: An error would occur if a user's PC didn't have the TSP codec installed.
- Fixed: An error would occur when declining multiple contact requests via YMSG/HTTP
- Fixed: A memory leak in the customizable popup menu would sometimes occur.
- Fixed: Clicking change or edit in the display image menu when not signed on with result in an error.
- Fixed: In some cases, it was possible to ignore a username multiple times.
- Fixed: Some status options would cause an error if clicked when not signed in.
- Fixed: The auto-connect option is now disabled when the default username is deleted from the account manager.
- Fixed: The ignores in room macro was not functioning correctly.
- Fixed: The tattoo toolbutton down state was not changing properly
- Fixed The voice uptime macro was not displaying the correct value after voice had been disabled.
- Fixed: The volume control trackbar in the chat GUI now functions on Windows 7 and Vista
- Improved: The efficiency of some code
- Removed: Some servers for the deactivation checker were no longer functioning, as a result those servers have been removed.

Download Y!Supra Version


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