Yahoo Booter 2011 : Yahoo Messenger Room Booter

Download Yahoo Messenger Single ID Login Chat Room Booter
yahoo chat room booter
yahoo booter 2011

Features of Yahoo Booter 2011

  • Single ID Login 
  • 3 Messenger Booting Options 
  • Yahoo Messenger DC
  • Y! Crash Exploit
  • Conference Exploit
  • Yahoo Chat Room Booting
  • Boot New user entered in room

Download  Single Login ID Yahoo Room Booter 2011


vsint said...

much knowledge I can from your article about the yahoo messenger, thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

Whenever I trying to log in using yahoo IP its keep saying "Connection closed y Server"

Annie said...

I cnt join chat room to new version of iPhone messenger

imran said...

its showing error....(component'prjChameleon.ocx or 1 of ........ how can i downlode it.... please email me on

please do reply ASAP

Anonymous said...

Download prjChameleon.ocx from this link