Dazza Latest Room Exploit Got Patched

Dazza Latest Room Exploit Got Patched

At last yahoo Inc. engineers have stopped the Dazza Latest Room Exploit. I have tested today the Dazza Yahoo Room Boot Exploit, the id seems to login and even the boot id enters the yahoo chat room but when I tried to hit the room with exploit nothing happened. Also, I have tried many servers and nothing seems to work.

So finally Dazza’s exploit comes to end and also the yahoo developer s come to action after long sleep. Hope in future yahoo will be free from spammers and exploit boots. So that every yahoo user can have decent chat…..


Yahoo Trick to Be Safe from Latest Yahoo Exploit

Yahoo Trick to Be Safe from Latest Dazza Yahoo Exploit

Ok guys you all are having fun in booting users in room using the Dazza latest Yahoo server exploit.
You might have seen some random character yahoo ids which stay in room and they are impossible to get booted out from chat room.

Now I am going to share a latest yahoo trick which will make you unbootable from latest yahoo server exploit and you can see room text plus you can keep your voice on in room and participate in yahoo chatroom.

Steps to be safe from latest yahoo server exploit.
1. You need @ovi.com name id (How to make @ovi.com ids visit http://www.ovi.com/services/)
2. You need latest Yepic version (Download latest YEpic)
3. Login your @ovi.com id in Yepic (Make sure you have checked “Auto Protect OVI name)

4. Join any of your favorite yahoo chat room

5. Now you are safe from latest yahoo server exploit and you can see yahoo user’s text and talk on yahoo mic.

Advantages of above trick:

1. You are now unbootable, no one can boot you out from room
2. You can see yahoo users text
3. You can talk on Microphone

1. You enter in room with random character id and you don’t have ur identity
2. You are no longer susceptible to the yahoo exploit booter. Note that nobody will see you’re sent chat messages. This protection is limited to the ability to see and stay in the room, and enable voice chat.

Cheers and comments onthe post...

Download Latest Yepic Version

Download Latest Yepic Version

Enhance your chat experience with custom colours in user names and text, animated smiley faces, unlimited ignores and a custom chat network of our own!

Download Latest Yepic Version

Dazza Yahoo Exploit Booter : BangCunt

Dazza Yahoo Exploit Booter

This Dazza Latest Yahoo Exploit Booter does not required any Yahoo ID. You can boot any yahoo messenger rd party chat cleints like Ysupra and Yepic. Just add the name of user in victim in booter and boot it. It successfully disconnects the Ysupra and other 3rd party chat cleints. This booter is based on captcha server exploit and it works perfectly. No need to sign in the yahoo id in booter. This Yahoo Booter exploit works without any yahoo id.

Download Dazza Yahoo Exploit Booter : BangCunt


Dazza Yahoo Room Boot Exploit

Dazza Yahoo Room Boot Exploit

Dazza Room booter disconnects and hits all yahoo 3rd party clients. It can boot YSupra and all other clients

Dazza Room Booter:

1. Disconnects al yahoo messenger versions from 11
2. Boot Ysupra and YEpic
3. Boot Yahoo Chat room

Download Dazza Yahoo Room Boot Exploit

Yahoo Room Boot Exploit by psycho666

Yahoo Room Boot Exploit : One Bot Kill Exploit Room Booter

Yahoo Exploit Room Booter and Single Victim Yahoo Messenger Booter

Need to load bot list, still loged in 1 bot per login and use 1 bot to boot, but every time you need to change bot simple click login again to use next bot from the list, prevent from yahoo banned

How to Use :

1. Load bot list with bot:pass format.
2. Every you click login it will logged in 1 bot.
3. One Bot logged in and ready to use the option.
4. If you need to change the bot simply click lo-gin again
then next bot will logged in and ready to use

Effected on Any version of Yahoo Messenger and boot all yahoo messenger users present in chat room. Packet effected on any version on Yahoo Messenger! Make Messenger Freeze, Dont SEnd, dissapear !

Download Yahoo Room Boot Exploit

Yahoo Messenger 11 Exploit Booter by psycho666

Yahoo Messenger 11 Exploit Booter by psycho666

This Booter can boot yahoo messenger 11 beta version.

Download Yahoo Messenger 11 Exploit Booter