Trick to know if your friend is invisible on Yahoo Messenger

This is a very simple trick to know if your friend or a certain user is on invisible mode without using any Yahoo spy program. Some reasons why they chose to appear offline are they maybe too busy to talk to anyone, having a conversation to someone important, or just trying to ignore you .

Follow this simple trick to find who among your friends are hiding
The first step is open a chat window on the person you want to check by double clicking it’s name.
yahoo messenger invisible
Click on IMVironment, Select “See all IMVironments”, Select “Interactive Fun” then click on Doodle

Send your friend a short message so your friends chat window will load. If you don’t do this the Doodle will not load even if your hiding friend is online.
If your friend is offline the Doodle IMVironment will not load and will just show this “waiting for your friend to load Doodle” continuously.
If your friend is Hiding then the Doodle will immediately load you should get a blank page like in the picture below. Then it is confirmed your friend is really avoiding you

find yahoo invisible
After doing this… most of the time your hiding friend will immediately close the chat window and you will see a exact message like you see on the picture below.

invisible on yahoo messenger

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