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WAR OF BOOT Evolution SSL ( Secure Socket Layer )

Keep in mind, not all booter working on any ppl because of different connection speed !

Because this is SSL login booter that send the packets fast so you might need to take a minute in every booting session end or you might need to logout bots and close the program if you send to many packets to the victim .

How To use :

Multi Login Bot Booter

  • Bot must be in bot:password format, and save to text file.
  • Load bots, the maximum is 300 bots (,no need many bots actually )
  • Select how many bots to login
  • Click Login then wait until the login session is finished
  • Do not try to close program when in the middle of login because the program will show bad behavior !
  • After those step u ready to use the program, just put your victim id in the victim box then just select the boot option.
  • For better result you might need to change the settings, packets delay, packets loop and packets amount, this is important !

You can join multi bots in room, no need in same room this is used to send the Disconnect packets !. If you gonna use “Silent Room Flood “ option u need the bots in the same room, no need many bots !

You can flood all user in chat room, but it might only affected in Yahoo Messenger users.

Single Bot Booter
  • Put id and password, then login
  • You can select room to join the bot , submit captvha and grab all user in room
To Boot user simply put user id in the victim box, then select the boot option !
Remember to change the settings specially packets amount.

If the bots wont logged in you might need to close the program then try to login again ! specially after u use “Disconnect” option .

Download War of Boot - Nice Yahoo Exploit

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