Yahoo Room Destroyer

yahoo chat room destroy

A very Nice chat client with inbuilt exploit booter and room booter. The only unbootable chat client with room locker option till now, give a try and have fun on yahoo chat rooms.

Room Destroy Version 7.0.0

- New GUI for easy use
- Fix Auto room boot bug (Hang the PC when use this)

Yahoo Room Locker, Booter, Tool, Client...

- Room locker, booter and chat client with special features.

Good things:
- Support Http, YMSG 13 14 15 16 101 102 logins
- New exploits
- Easy to use, good looking
- Completely free

Bad things:
- Does not have voice domination, you should use some alternative methods, for example VCGuard to dominate the voice

- Some old features are still there, so maybe they are not usable (i'll remove in the next version)

- I dont have time ('cuz i have to work in the company)


- The combination of Server + port + YMSG version are very important. You should DOUBLE CHECK before login the bots. It decides that your bots will login or not!

- The combination of server + port + YMSG version also affects the way you use the bots, for example: anti boot, stay in room, booter etc

For example, to avoid from booter, you should use 130.ac4. Server.cuz this server doent send u any pm related sends only room packet (so still be booted by RD's boot packet)

- If 130.ac4 server doesnt work with ur ip(this server accepts ip from specific country only). Then u can use YMSG 102 + mud server,it can avoid invite exploit packet which is being used to make room booter.

- mud servers can be used to login YMSG 13 14, 101, 102

- sp1 and ac4 servers can login only YMSG 15, 16

- To use room boot option, you should use YMSG 13,14,15,16 and sp1 or ac4 servers. Otherwise it wont work. Only these servers send this type of boot packet. And YMSG 15,16 does not ban you.
- If you use the ac4 server you will not see room text, to fix this, please right click on RD and DISABLE "Anti lag room" option

* RD is actually a toy, use it in your style, different people use RD with different styles.

Download Yahoo Room Destroy

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