Y!Supra Yahoo Third Party Chat Client

A Very Nice Yahoo Third Party Chat Client By Dubee. I am using since dazza stopped making the public version of YHook. I would recomment all blog readers to use Y!Supra and Support Dubee for his extraordinary work in order to make a free less spam, hard to boot and good voice domination yahoo third party chat client. It will soon will be in number one position making other yahoo third part chat clients like YahElite, Yazak, Yhook etc in back side. Enjoy and Have Fun I will Be Posting all the future updates of Y!Supra.

Y!Supra is a third party chat client that will enrich your Yahoo! experience with its user-friendly design and advanced capabilities.

This is the first program of its kind to be a pure native application. No external dependencies are required, not even for YMSG authentication or voice chat.

Y!supra ysupra

Listed below are just some of the features provided by Y!Supra

- Animated Smilies
- Customizable fonts & colors
- Hypertext preferences
- Buddylist with stealth & custom status options
- Tabbed Instant Messages
- Offline Messages
- Chat Rooms
- List of all chat rooms
- Favorite & Recent chat room lists
- Ability to stay in a chat room for up to 6 hours
- Emotes
- Tattoos
- Voice Chat with "domination", recorder & is not affected by voice laggers
- Allow or disallow voice chat to strangers

- Advanced SPAM/flood filters
- Flood Detector which will automatically heighten security when a flood is detected
- Ten customizable chat room filters
- Nine customizable instant message filters
- Username wildcard ignore
- Message wildcard filter
- Filter Log
- Safe List
- Ignore List
- God Mode
- Ghost Mode

- Account Manager
- Account Unlocker
- Password Changer
- Auto-update
- Packet Analyzer
- Macros/Chat Commands
- Server Preferences
- Customizable Client ID

System requirements: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista.

Download Y!Supra


ooolllogeishaolllooo said...

thank you for the great appreciation you gave credit for the Y!Supra chat client. The chat client can be downloaded as well at the OFficial download link of y!supra chat client at http://www.ysupra.com/downloads.php?cat=3


Nonna0111 said...

as of today the update for ysupra included and self uninstall service at no charge! thanks for the notice dupree! (sarcasim)

ooolllogeishaolllooo said...

you are misinforming readers. it is NOT y!supra chat client that uninstalled itself from your computer but that of ANOTHER chat client that is now being sold with a pro version. get your facts CORRECT!

______WAR______ said...

Actually it is both Y! Epic and Y!Supra that uninstall on the update and as for Dubee the little script stealing wonder screw him he is no programmer he is a script kiddie just like most of yahoo these days he did not do any work on Y!supra he stole the source and many other spects of the program from YMLITE just like The supposed creator of Y! EPIC did supra is an ok client but my recommendation if you dl it is to hexx it straight away and do away with the 3 trojans and the 2 keyloggers that are embedded in it to do this you have to know how so unless yo are a programmer dont dl supra ______WAR______ of teh Original and real 4 HORSEMEN (NOT THOSE IDIOT LAMERS SONNY , COLA BARE AND MORT. FAKE LIL MORONS )