War Of Boot (Updated) : Yahoo Exploit Packet Booter

yahoo exploit booter

WAR OF BOOT Evolution SSL ( Secure Socket Layer ) Updated Yahoo Exploit Packets

It will Disconnect Yahoo messenger 9 and other builds even it will flood and disconnect the yahoo 3rd party chat clients which includes Y!tunnel, YTK Pro, N05, Y!Heaven, Y!Zak, Y!Elite, Y!Mlite and Y!hook Chat Client. Room boot Yahoo exploit packets are updated, you disconnect all room with max 100 bots login. Its tested by my side on 256 kpbs broadband speed.

Multi Login Bot Booter

  • Yahoo Bots must be in bot:password format, and save to text file.
  • Load bots, the maximum is 300 bots (no need many bots actually login 30 bots only )
  • Select how many bots to login
  • Click Login then wait until the login session is finished
  • Do not try to close program when in the middle of login because the program will show bad behavior !
  • After those step u ready to use the program, just put your victim id in the victim box then just select the yahoo boot option.
  • For better result you might need to change the settings, yahoo exploit packets delay, packets loop and packets amount, this is important !

You can join multi bots in room, no need in same room this is used to send the Disconect packets !

If you gonna use “Silent Room Flood “ option u need the bots in the same room, no need many bots !

You can flood all yahoo user in chat room, but it might only affected in YM users.

Single Bot Yahoo Booter

  • Put id and password, then login
  • You can select room to join the bot , submit captcha and grab all user in room. To Boot user simply put user id in the victim box, then select the boot option !. Remember to change the settings specialy yahoo exploit packets amount.
Download the War Of Boot


Anonymous said...

Great site...but why we dont see dates when programs were posted?
Would help a lot in determining if they possibly obsolete or not

Gary said...

thanks for suggestion and i have made changes ...

Anonymous said...

yahoo booters are not working now a days why is there any solution.
email : driftyfish-one@yahoo.com reply please!!!