Yahoo! Messenger version Troubleshoot Issue

Most of us might be facing a problem when you sign your yahoo id in yahoo messenger 10 and a Pop message appear on window : "Yahoo! Messenger Troubleshooter" --- We can't sign you in to Yahoo! Messenger ...

This yahoo messenger issue arises due to following reasons:
1. Your network connection is slow. ( Refresh your network connection in my network connection)
2. Your yahoo id being logged in yahoo mail or third party yahoo software's. (Which resist your yahoo id to be logged in yahoo messenger )
3. Or some yahoo id crackers are trying to loggin your yahoo id by trying multiple passwords.

If you cant login your yahoo id , try the following steps.

1. login first your ID in
2. log out the ID.
3. login the ID in Yahoo messenger 10.


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Anonymous said...

The most obvious thing here is if you have not set your new email and two new security questions, this can be done by loggin into Yahoo from the http site and if yours has not already been updated it will take you straight to the page, otherwise you will receive the error