Hackers using Yahoo Messenger for phishing Facebook

Now this is interesting hackers are using Yahoo Messenger for phishing Face book. The story is explained below, how they are spamming the phishing links to the yahoo messenger users and redirected them to the face book account to hack there accounts.

A research engineer in CA's Internet Security Business Unit, reports a new phishing campaign that circulates on Yahoo! Messenger and is instrumented with the help of hijacked accounts.

Researcher continues saying that “While using YM recently I received new IM Spam from my one [sic.] of my friends. Just by the look of it I could tell that it was most likely a malware related IM Spammed Message. Following spammed link hxxp://priv{REMOVED}deo.com/live lead me to a fake Facebook Login webpage. If I had entered my Username and Password and clicked login button, my details would’ve been sent to remote server hxxp://priv{REMOVED}deo.com/live/logs.php via HTTP POST. I would then’ve been redirected to a Youtube website, which seems to be legitimate.

Watch out for these spam messages and protect your yahoo messenger and facebook account from hackers.

Yahoo Messenger 10 Unlocking Process Trick

OK yahoo exploit blog readers, new yahoo messenger feature is out from the latest yahoo messenger 10 build.. This feature helps you out to login your yahoo id if your yahoo id being locked by some yahoo crackers or it is locked by trying the wrong passwords... and you can now unlock your yahoo id rather than trying other yahoo login pages.. It is very easy and secure...

This feature is available only on Yahoo! Messenger version ..
If you login on yahoo messenger and gets this pop up " There was a problem to signing you in to yahoo! messenger" no need to get panic or shocked ... now the latest build of yahoo messenger provided the feature to unlock your locked yahoo account.

When you get the above image on your screen press "Forgot Password", a new browser window will open which will take you secure yahoo login page..
Now u just need to put your yahoo id and password and once you submit your information to yahoo secure page, you can login your yahoo id to messenger and can have wonder full nice chat on messenger or your favorite yahoo chat rooms..


Yahoo! Messenger version Troubleshoot Issue

Most of us might be facing a problem when you sign your yahoo id in yahoo messenger 10 and a Pop message appear on window : "Yahoo! Messenger Troubleshooter" --- We can't sign you in to Yahoo! Messenger ...

This yahoo messenger issue arises due to following reasons:
1. Your network connection is slow. ( Refresh your network connection in my network connection)
2. Your yahoo id being logged in yahoo mail or third party yahoo software's. (Which resist your yahoo id to be logged in yahoo messenger )
3. Or some yahoo id crackers are trying to loggin your yahoo id by trying multiple passwords.

If you cant login your yahoo id , try the following steps.

1. login first your ID in www.yahoomail.com.
2. log out the ID.
3. login the ID in Yahoo messenger 10.